Edwin Zapata, Author of Your Next Step, Generously Offers Free Copy of Amazon International Bestseller to Help Business

Edwin Zapata has spent many years building a base knowledge about financial matters with his work as a motivational speaker and sales trainer.  Now, he is sharing that knowledge with his new bestselling book, Your Next Step – New Tools for Financial Abundance NOW!  For a limited time, Zapata is offering a free copy of his book to visitors to his website at https://edzapata.com/  

As a team and sales business coach and trainer, Zapata believes in shifting the philosophy of sales so the company or the individual can be more successful. Your Next Step – New Tools for Financial Abundance – NOW! outlines the steps individuals and businesses can take to reach this goal.

According to the author, “When you have to force a client to purchase a product or service, it is neither pleasant nor rewarding. Those who have had to start a new position and meet some sort of quota or target will know the feeling of confusion and discomfort. Things become less pleasant when trying to figure out why suggested methods don’t seem to work as well as you think they should.”

Edwin Zapata offers modern tools that can help explain the root of most methods used by industry top earners. According to Zapata, when these modern tools are implemented with techniques from industry leaders, it becomes second nature for sales people. No longer having to force a product or service on a client, sales personnel find that quotas and targets will become a thing of the past, and no longer do they feel the pressure of sales.

To get a copy of Zapata’s newest bestseller, a $33 value, visit https://edzapata.com/  

About Edwin Zapata:  Edwin Zapata is  a  motivational  speaker,  sales  trainer,  author,  and  philanthropist.  As  much  as  he  prides  himself  in  his  work  with  others,  he  also  emphasizes  the  importance  of  using  pain  and  struggle to find strength and be at peace with the hard times as well as the good. He is best known for his direct, no-nonsense approach, and his personal experience helps him understand and relate to people in  all  walks  of  life.  The  ability  to  consistently focus on the most value, notably without manipulation  for  selfish  reasons,  truly  complements  his experience with personal development.

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