Effortless Success Upgrade – How To Accelerate Results Through Your Daily Lifestyle

Effortless Success Upgrade - How To Accelerate Results Through Your Daily Lifestyle

Wouldn’t it be grand if achieving the highest vision of your highest life depended, not on the hustle, grind and striving, but on merely optimising your daily lifestyle?

Imagine that making your desk beautiful or using essential oils in your business day, or wearing your best clothes, even during the lockdown, could have an effect on your happiness, vitality and bank account!

If you love the idea that beauty, wellness, art, a harmonious environment and daily ritual could all contribute to your success, then read on. And even if you don’t love the idea, read on!

Over the last few years, what was ever considered factual, proven and accurate about the skills that it takes to build a successful business has been turned on its head.

The entrepreneurial landscape has shifted, not only because of technological novelties, not only because of political, economic and societal change, not only because the Millenials and Gen X and Y are taking over the industry! But because of the way we understand how our multi-faceted universe reflects and influences our reality.

I love to demystify the whole holistic success approach, so I’ll keep it personal to you. 22 years ago, I set out with the quest to find out ‘How Life Works’. And it turns out it’s pretty much the same as How Business Works.

Master your life, and you have a head start on about 7 billion people. 

Master your livelihood, and your existence begins to reflect the powers of the divine creator that are latent within you. 

Master your destiny, and you start to move into the same breathing space as the world’s most committed achievers. 

Now, don’t freak out at the magnitude of those ideas. You, me, and the few billion or so who want to improve their lives possess the same number of brain cells and are all born with the same 24 hours in the day. Just so we keep this on a scale that you can get your head around quickly, and help you move forward, let’s ground this whole topic.

When I talk about the universe, I mean the three realms of your reality that directly affect your success every day.

  1. Your inner realm – by that, I mean chemical and hormonal state (neurobiology), your focus (mindset, thoughts, beliefs and internal software), your connection to your greater purpose and self (your experience of soul or spirit)
  2. Your outer realm – this is the state and location of your working and home environment, your usual business habits, your daily lifestyle actions, your interactions with people, the places frequented, your personal rituals, routines, and physical body self-care.
  3. Then there is the macro-realm, the cosmic playground we are all romping around in gleefully – otherwise known as the unified field – that vast cosmic tapestry of energy, forces, matter and possibility – knowledge of which has undergone such renewal in the last decade.

Einstein didn’t have the whole kaboodle worked out about this realm, so some bright contemporary scientists, such as Nassim Haramein, have picked up the thread of explaining life and everything so that humanity and the planet can all win. And it’s freaking exciting!

“Latest findings have implications and applications to revolutionary technologies that can transform people’s lives and the world as a whole, helping to overcome some of the largest challenges facing the world today.” Resonance Science Foundation https://www.resonancescience.org founded by Harramein

Bear with me. This far-reaching research is vital for your success in this coming year. Because it’s causing a revolution in the entrepreneurial world. Yes, the one you’re in.

You have probably observed a whole new conversation emerge on social media. The word ‘energy’ is now bandied around as a novel and progressive thing to understand and master, just as the mindset was 15 years ago. Radical!

Energy management (or high performance) is now being recognised as a panacea to under-achievement. Words such as ‘alignment’, ‘high vibe’, ‘high-frequency’, ‘manifestation’ are now common vocabulary to those students of personal transformation who dedicate themselves to uncovering the most powerful techniques to master high performance.

Ten years ago, we couldn’t possibly have imagined that thousands of people would be posting daily memes about those subjects in bright technicolour on Instagram! High-vibe anything is the flavour of the month, or rather the year!

Then, there is the spread of knowledge of the new sciences that have completed psychology and which have been proven to contribute to our human potential – epigenetics, neuroscience, to name just a few.

Eminent thought leaders and master marketers are the new hybrid blend of titan business innovators – Seth Godin, Mel Robbins, and the leviathan, Mind Valley platform. These are superb examples of where science, success and these humanities merge.

At the beginning of the industrial revolution as we know it, rich and famous was the common aspiration. Or even healthy, wealthy and wise, or just rich!

Now, high-vibe is the new desired normal because it has been proved that High-Frequency Living is the fastest, most exciting way to be primed for a life of fulfilment; a high vibe lifestyle is a ticket to the ride of your life. For those of you whose hearts beat to the rhythm of achievement, High-Vibe business lifestyle is a very intelligent choice, indeed.

We are in the middle of a freaking paradigm shift, my friends, and it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get the high vibe habit!

Again, let’s strip it back to you and up-levelling your life today.

All of those 3 realms I just talked about, are permanently interacting as you go about the day to day of your business.  Here are some of the ways they affect your performance:

  • What you believe and what you know about yourself as the creator of your reality.
  •  How you are subconsciously wired to create your desires and dreams.
  •    How you value yourself and whether you operate from the place of personal power or a lack of it.
  • How you take care of yourself, your wellness habits routines.
  • How you value your time, your offers, your interactions with others.
  • Your sense of purpose, your connection to the divine, the sacred (as you perceive it to be) and your unique nature.
  • How you show up every day in society – physically and energetically.
  • How you dress, speak, act, behave and communicate.
  • Your schedule, routines, habits, daily structure, what you do to occupy the day (and night!)
  • Your business model and how much it is adapted to your personality and temperament.
  • The way you keep your house, office, desk, closet, friends list, fridge, car and bank account!

It has been scientifically proved that this 3D realm is governed by both quantum principles, electromagnetic frequency, but also spiritual tenets and laws, such as cause and effect, the law of intention and desire, the law of giving the law of karma.

These were beautifully described in Deepak Chopra’s book The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success some years ago. They are not the only principles; other thought leaders have since completed them as new laws emerge in our understanding – principles such as my fine ‘9 Graces of Preeminence’, which have absolute relevance in todays’ entrepreneurial market!

All, this is starting to add up to way more than smart branding and nailing social media, isn’t it?

Here’s where this high vibe paradigm rubber meets the strategy road!

The way you do anything is the way you do everything – that is the tenet of my first principles.

So what does a High Vibe Business Lifestyle look like?

Haha, how long is a piece of string?

It depends totally on you, your dreams, vision, genius, desires.

And on your choices, changes and commitments.

Naturally, no one size fits all since everyone’s idea of their ultimate lifestyle and highest potential is between you and you: you and your soul.

Today, as you tune into your goals, to-do list or intentions, rather than think about the outcomes you want to see, consider the environment and context that supports your business.

Consider if your predominant mindset, habits, focus, actions, food, people, desktop, inbox, wardrobe, conversations, self-care – every part of your day is really of the same vibration as the outcome you desire. Just re-read that!

And then remind yourself – the universe is always listening in! It’s always paying attention. Quantum Physics in service to your badassery!

Be, do, have – is the way this works. Don’t wait to create a lifestyle when you have attained a certain revenue level. Create that lifestyle IN ORDER to attain the revenue level.

Join me on Social Media and let me know how you get on!

Jenni's mission is to help women entrepreneurs leverage their genius, grace, and super-powers to transcend any market challenges and fulfill their greatest potential as healthy, wealthy change-makers.

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