Elite Custom Cleaning Company Named As Sponsor For National Elite 2020 Pageant

Director of National Elite Pageants, Crystal Horn, announced that custom couture gown and sash cleaner, Elite Custom Cleaning Company as a sponsor for their 2020 National Pageant on July 17-20.

Anne P. Cole is the Founder/Owner of Elite Custom Cleaning Company and has over 25 years in the Pageant Industry.  

They provide Custom Hand Cleaning of Designer & Couture Gowns, Custom Pageant Wear, Runway/Fun Fashion, Interview Wear, Talent/Dancewear, Cocktail Dresses, Appearance Wear, Competition Swimwear/Fitness Wear & Professional Sash Cleaning, along with stone/beadwork design, stone/beadwork re‐securing and repairs, garment dyeing and garment repairs. Unlike standard dry cleaners, we custom, hand clean, every wardrobe piece without the use of harsh, abrasive dry cleaning chemicals and machines, which can often damage delicate fabrics, stoning/beadwork or even cause stains not fully removed to become permanent.

Cole stated, “Elite Custom Cleaning Company is proud to partner with National Elite Pageants to provide to the queens with an Exclusive Custom Designer & Couture Wardrobe Cleaning Package. This prize package is for use throughout your reigning year, to keep their gorgeous pageant wardrobe looking new, pristine & always competition ready.’

National Elite Pageants is a prestigious pageant system for poised, confident, beautiful girls who want to make a difference. They provide a stress-free, exciting, and high-quality pageant experience, whether this is a contestant’s first pageant or if they are a seasoned competitor.

National Elite Pageants was voted as a Top 10 National Pageant by Pageant Planet.

At the national pageant, each contestant will compete in the following competitions:

  • Personal Interview – Each contestant will have a personal interview with each of the judges. 
  • Fun Fashion – Where they show off their personal style and personality with a fun fashion outfit
  • Formal Wear – They select a gown of their choice to be judged on poise, confidence, and presentation.
  • On Stage Question – Contestants will be asked one final age-appropriate question on stage

They will also compete in a State Costume competition held on July 17th on the main stage followed by a welcome party. This is a free optional that all contestants are required to compete in.  Each contestant will walk the runway in a costume that represents her state.  This has no bearing on the overall score and will have a different set of judges for this competition. The best costume in each age division will be announced at the optional awards ceremony.

Additionally, each contestant will be a part of an opening number and parade of contestants at the beginning of the final show.

Some of the prizes every National Queen will receive include:

  • Official National Elite Pageants double stoned satin sash, crown & trophy 
  • Cash scholarship
  • National photoshoot sponsored by Legnar Ekim 
  • Hair & makeup sponsored by Texas Glam Squad 
  • Personalized title shoes and clutch sponsored by Marc Defang New York 
  • Crown Case sponsored by Crown Couture Collection by Lindley
  • Gift certificate sponsored by Muzzies Prom

For more information on the 2020 National Elite Pageant please visit: https://www.EnterNationalElite.com/Pageant-Info

For more information on Elite Custom Cleaning Company Marc Defang please visit: https://www.facebook.com/EliteCustomCleaningCompany/

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