Entrepreneur Alex Lee Introduces a Maiden Comfy Product Under His Brand ‘Puppy Paw’

Alex Lee, ‘Puppy Paw’

A perfect and sustainable life is important not just for human beings but also for pets. Animals deserve the utmost love and care like humans. In every household in the world, dogs are the most adorable yet loved pets. And why not? They are loyal and protective to their owner. Understanding the need for making the lives of pets better, Alex Lee started a pet products company named ‘Puppy Paw’. The company is based in Charlotte, USA, and offers utmost care of puppies just like a family. 

Much before launching this pet products company, Alex Lee has launched an array of products to improve the sleep quality of people under his company ‘SleepZoneLife’ in 2019. The products of the company received a positive reception from e-commerce portals like Amazon for improving the sleep quality of people. Speaking about the same, Alex said, “Sleeping is important for every human being. It not gives rest to the body but also improves overall well-being. I feel glad when that the products of my company have brought a positive impact on people’s life.”

Moreover, the idea of establishing a pet products company saw the light when the entrepreneur during a family gathering had a conversation on how the sleeping products of his company changed people’s lives. “It was during the meeting I realized that my dog Simba is also a part of the family. I felt that even pets need an exclusive range of products for pampering which saw the launch of ‘Puppy Paw’ this year”, the entrepreneur quoted The first product of the brand is Puppy Paw Dog Bed that was launched earlier this year in October.

Elaborating about the first product of the brand, Alex Lee stated that the dog bed is manufactured based on science giving the pets functional comfort to lay, rest and sleep. Apart from this, the product is supported with double-layered orthopaedic foam. Along with it, the dog bed is soft and comfortable and is waterproof. After the launch of this product, ‘Puppy Paw’ has an array of products that will be released soon. Catering to all dog lovers aged from 25 to 45 in the USA, the products are said to be launched at an affordable price. 

Creating the right brand awareness for humans as well as pets, Alex Lee is simultaneously working towards taking ‘Puppy Paw’ and ‘SleepZoneLife’ to a new level. “We intend to give premium services and pamper both humans and pets, thus ensuring the quality of life for both the beings”, concluded the entrepreneur.

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