Entrepreneur Of Influence Podcast Gaining Ground In Business Colleges And Schools As Most Practical Resource Among Podcasts

In this age of free information, advice and opinions it is very easy to be drawn into good intentions that don’t always help. In fact, in the self-published environment where we live almost anyone can call themselves an expert. Sometimes well-meaning advice can actually be detrimental rather than supportive. Recently a poll conducted among millennials attending business schools and colleges shared their feelings about the practicality of advice offered by many of the current podcasts sharing advice on the subjects of business, entrepreneurship, starting a company and business building support.

Ranking as the most practical podcast was the Entrepreneur of Influence podcast with Douglas Vermeeren. This short, easily digestible podcast features lessons that Vermeeren learned directly from his interviews with top business leaders from companies like FedEx, Nike, Ugg Boots, Fruit of the Loom, Expedia, Reebok, Hugo Boss,  Southwest Airlines, Marriott and others.

When asked about what students found most valuable the consistent comments were that the podcast provided actionable ideas that were easy to implement. A reoccurring theme was the anecdotes and teaching style that Vermeeren shared with his direct experience with the top business leaders and how their lessons translated to todays marketplace.

Coincidentally the Entrepreneur of Influence live events were rated equally as highly for the same reasons. The program was recently recognized by Entrepreneur Success Awards as the top rated business coaching and seminar program today.  Top Achiever magazine also rated it as #2 of the top 10 business programs available today. (Harvard business school taking first.)

The podcast is a free resource for those looking to build a business and is particularly useful to new business owners, home based businesses and entrepreneurs who are within the the first two years of business.

The podcast can be found on itunes, stitcher, TuneIN, Soundcloud, Google Play, playerFM, Spotify, iHeartRadio and nearly anywhere else podcasts can be found.

For more information on Entrepreneur of Influence or Douglas Vermeeren please contact rachel@douglasvermeeren.com

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