Erin Botsford, CFP® Creator of The Elite Advisor Success System™, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing The Elite Mindset

Erin Botsford discusses how her Elite Advisor program helps advisors develop and maintain an elite business mindset. 

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An elite mindset results from a focused, strategic, and disciplined approach to business. It enables advisors to set goals and devise plans of action that are more likely to succeed. It also helps them confidently make decisions and remain motivated despite challenges.

The Elite Advisor Success System™ is an invaluable resource for advisors who want to develop an elite mindset in their business. Offered by Barron’s Top 100 Advisor Erin Botsford, it provides a prescriptive solution – a proven path to follow – along with exclusive resources that help advisors overcome obstacles and level-up their business with repeatable processes and action steps. The program offers different ways for participants to benefit, including assisting them in generating new ideas and strategies, and building accountability into their processes for tangible results.

Erin explained: “At the core of this revolutionary program is the blueprint of everything I used to build my own business to record levels – every script, tool, and strategy. I designed it to help advisors hone their focus and develop long-term success through proven action steps they simply need to follow. Students gain access to exclusive resources such as templates and worksheets they can implement in their business right away, allowing them to accelerate their growth immediately.”

Previous program members have reported significant improvements in their mindset, strategies, processes, and overall revenue results. By joining The Elite Advisor Success System™, advisors can build an elite mindset of achievement while taking advantage of tailored support and resources geared toward helping them reach peak performance. With Erin’s live group Mastery calls, advisors can connect directly with her and her team to get answers, best practices, and personalized strategies that work.

Advisors should take advantage of the amazing benefits offered through The Elite Advisor program and master an elite mindset that will take their business to new heights! With a proven playbook, exclusive resources, and game-changing strategies at their fingertips, advisors can quickly achieve the levels of success they have always dreamed of!

Client Maria K. says: “I wish I took this course when I first started. It would have helped me set up my business the way I wanted and have a plan for the future. The flow of information from one course to another was exactly what an advisor building a business needs. I don’t know of any other course that shares so much information, in such a short period of time and without unnecessary fluff.”


 About Erin Botsford

Having spent 31 years in the financial services business and achieving at the highest levels (Barron’s Top 100 in all categories: Independent, Advisor, and Women), Erin sold her business in 2017 in a successful exit – a step most advisors would like to achieve at the end of their careers.

Today, she delivers value to advisors and firms all over the country, speaking and teaching advisors how to quickly grow their businesses exponentially.

She helps advisors understand and implement growth strategies, no matter where they are in their business journey. Erin believes in the power of modeling and allows advisors to simply copy her success blueprint.

Erin is also the author of two books: “Seven Figure Firm – How to Build A Financial Services Business That Grows Itself” and “The Big Retirement Risk: Running out of Money Before You Run out of Time;” and is the founder of the Elite Advisor Success System™.

With over 30 years of field experience and an authentic personal story, she can relate to advisors at all levels. An international speaker, Erin shares her three decades of wisdom at industry conferences worldwide.

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