Evolution of Humanity Comes From Challenging the Narratives

Evolution of Humanity Comes From Challenging the Narratives

When we look at how humanity has evolved from the early days of discovering fire, to the ability to transplant organs from one person to another, each step of the evolutionary process has happened because someone chooses to challenge the narrative of the day.

In today’s world of people opting to be offended when questioned, or deciding to be offended when someone chooses a different opinion from them, we are killing ourselves slowly.

We are allowing the neuropathways in our brains to stop connecting with one another and increasing the levels of cortisol and adrenalin in our systems, which is causing dis-ease and depression on a massive scale.

If someone finds something scary or offensive, everyone else is asked to be softer, more understanding, or prevented from being, doing or having something the scared and offended person doesn’t want to entertain.

Instead of us all growing stronger together, learning to understand the other person and how they got to be that way, the masses are becoming divided, weaker and incapable to think differently and accepting diversity.

We want to ban things we don’t agree with, we want to silence voices which make us uncomfortable and we want to remove books, songs and dress codes which add to the richness of society which is the beautiful evolution of humanity.

We are allowing laws to be implemented which take away our sovereignty and freedom to choose what is right for us, our bodies and our futures.

Many of the laws that govern us today are not relevant, not legal, and certainly not moral.

Anyone who has studied law knows before a law is passed and implemented it has to adhere to the morals and ethics of a just and free society. We can, and we must challenge these laws.

One of the narratives which have been in place for the best part of eighty years is the negative narrative surrounding the mid-life of men and women.

Swamped and drowning in a negative narrative, the transformational time in a woman’s life known as menopause has many women believing they are no longer useful, attractive and worthy of senior positions in the workplace.

This couldn’t be further from the truth, as showcased in my latest book The Potent Power of Menopause: A Culturally Diverse Perspective of Feminine Transformation – written with 10 other co-authors from around the world spanning 5 decades of life, 7 countries and an equal number of timezones.

This book is already causing quite a stir across the world of social media, as well as in Britain and Europe. What we are bringing to the conversation is disrupting those who have been making the rules, and dominating the media for decades.

Challenging the narratives of the doctors choosing to push the Big Pharma agenda, refusing to acknowledge alternative and natural healing and lifestyle choices available to women, The Potent Power of Menopause is proving its potency for the much needed social change women have been calling for.

Apparently, menopause is something which needs fixing in women because we are broken, done for and ready for the scrap heap.

Mention the word andropause to most men and they have no idea what you are talking about – because that too is shrouded in secrecy and never discussed.

The global narrative presents as something only the white western doctors have all the answers to, and those answers come in the form of HRT – the be-all and end-all to all women’s problems.

Either that or a hysterectomy and a depth of sadness that we will never escape from so we may as well just surrender to a lifetime of pills and treatments – often disassociating from our bodies entirely.

HRT is a heaven-sent solution for some women, but it is not an option for everyone.

A single solution for the diverse nature of women and their chosen lifestyles is not a solution. A single narrative is not inclusive or empowering. Both are divisive and dangerous.

Menopause is a wonderful time for us to lean into the emotions coming up for us, for us to listen to our bodies, make the changes needed in our lifestyle and for us to honour the wise woman we are becoming, have always been becoming.

And if this is so for women, then surely as men pass through the andropause phase of the negatively named ‘mid-life crisis,’ it would be true for them too?

Men who enter the phase of mid-life are fed the negative narrative that they are entering a crisis’ – setting them up to fail and putting them in fight mode on a deep subconscious level.

No one wants to be in crisis, and so the men fight against this impending doom they have never experienced, which has never been discussed openly for fear of ridicule.

They have been given no knowledge so have no game plan or chart upon which to explore these dangerous waters, so how come they succeed and thrive? There is a need for men to have an open and honest dialogue with each other, and with the world.

Being told they need to “man up and”, be tough whilst no longer being a gentleman for the women of today for fear of being verbally berated by the angry feminists of the world, presents confusion.

Who should they be? How should they behave? What is happening inside of them as well as in the world around them?

How can they keep their loved ones safe if they themselves don’t know what that means for them in society or their own bodies?

And heaven forbid a man show his softer side or admit he doesn’t have the answer for something.

The current disempowering narrative for men who are doing their best to be the person they wish to be: for themselves, their parents and the one they love, is leading to increased numbers of suicide and mental health problems, and is something which needs addressing sooner rather than later.

We can campaign for better mental health, post memes and add the latest trendy word as a hashtag, and yet if we don’t even know our own bodies how on earth can we discover and be part of the solutions we are looking for?

When we berate others for having an alternative opinion based on their own life experiences and learnings, how can we begin to help ourselves and others understand the emotions and transformational time we have been divinely blessed with?

And blessed we are, because this transition phase of the human body was designed by the same creator who designed the planet which we get to see transform through each season, and after man-made disasters, meteor strikes and climatic events such as the ice age.

Why on earth would the divine creator of life design such a flaw in our bodies if we were not meant to learn about it and pass that wisdom onto others?

We are designed to transform, we do it every day with the loss of skin from our bodies, the way our blood totally renews itself every seven years, and with every experience good or bad we have.

We evolve with our periods as women, with each pregnancy, the growth of body hair and the loss of hair. We transform from baby to toddler, teenager to adult.

We transform as individuals, couples and parents, and we have the opportunity to transform into the greatest fountains of wisdom.

If we continue to learn about each other and our own bodies, rather than numbing ourselves with drugs, alcohol, food, sugar and the tell-a-vision – and the laws which delete and criminalise us into silence and obedience, we get to transform into empowered wise beings.

The current narratives we are seeing being pushed across the world are designed to prop up the pharmaceutical companies with their buffet of chemicals and treatments which all come with side effects which lead to other problems, which we then need to take more chemicals and treatments for, which then lead to more side effects, more tests and trials and more ill-health.

Not to mention more profit for Big Pharma and more sick care for us.

We have to remember we are natural beings, we are divine beings and the Divine Creator of our bodies, the planet and the planetary systems are much smarter than any human being could ever be – even if their ego leads them to think they know better than Mother Nature.

The planet has shown us how to heal our bodies, and itself, for millennia so until we actually start listening to our bodies, and to the planet, we are going to keep having problems with our health on every level.

Obesity, heart dis-ease, depression, poverty, famine, drought and desertification only happen because the governments around the world want them to happen because they benefit from the suffering. They create the problem so they can create the one solution that works – for them.

Governments are owned by the same three companies who also own the media, the banking systems, Big Pharma and the Petrochemical companies, and all the processed food and farming companies around the world.

And whilst we remain in ignorance and avoidance, we stop growing, we keep fighting each other, dumbing each other down and being overly sensitive to differences, they will always continue to control us all.

Resistance is futile as the Borg in Star Trek once said, but it is only futile if we allow ourselves to be controlled and manipulated by the powers that be.

I, for one, am a woman who is embracing the potency of my feminine fire and the alchemy that is known as menopause to stand up and say “NO! I do not comply with your divisive and dangerous narratives and laws. I stand for human rights – mina and everyone else’s, even if they have a different viewpoint to me”.

Now the potent power of menopause is out there challenging the narratives and the hot flashes are now firmly out of the pan and joining the fire of women the world over, it is time for my follow up book ‘Man Up: Redefining What it Means to BE a Man in Today’s World’ to come to fruition and stand side by side with The Potent Power of Menopause.

We get to create positive social change when we join together, choosing to change the negative narratives. We get to be empowered, and empower others – and we get to change the rules of engagement to the games being played with the masses being the pawns on the chessboard.

And I don’t know about you, but I am no pawn.

I’ve always said “Activism by pen is well thought out” so let’s wield our pens, and our microphones, bringing hope, courage and confidence in our diversity so we all have a voice, not just a select few of us.

In solidarity with each other we bring about freedom: mine, yours and everyone’s, so let’s rise together, because no man, woman or child should be left behind.

With kindness to you all,



*If you are a man who has a powerful mid-life journey to share as a father, son, brother or friend, mentor or colleague, then make sure you contact me to join the team of men already in place. There are only ten spaces on this current project, but there are a couple more projects in the pipeline. All you need to do is message me here so we can have the conversation. I look forward to hearing from you.

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