Fatima Omar Creates A Highly Anticipated Event Teaching Soulful Women How To Coach Entrepreneurs Online

Master coach and trainer, Fatima Omar Khamissa, launches a free online program to teach and train women how to turn their pain, skills and history into a powerful business – coaching women entrepreneurs.

With her new project, Command Your Business like A Queen, this courageous single-mom-of-five, is sharing all the secrets of the coaching world.  

Omar Khamissa, has committed her career to helping women be successful and make more money than their male relatives. She believes when women have money, the world becomes a better place.

“Women are beautiful and generous. When a woman has money, she feeds hungry children and puts shoes on children who need them. Women retire their husbands and women build wells. I love empowering women with business strategies and financial empowerment,” she shared with admiration.

Omar Khamissa left a violent marriage of twenty one years, and took her five kids and went into hiding. She was homeless collecting government welfare. She recreated her life from scratch.

She volunteered her time sharing her journey to help women who had also experienced violence. Her story was featured in a movie documentary that won first place in a film festival. She has been recognized by the government of Canada, the government of Ontario and numerous other organizations for her leadership, service, and tireless efforts in helping women have financial freedom.

Omar Khamissa encourages women globally to join the free 5-day challenge, COMMAND YOUR BUSINESS LIKE A QUEEN, beginning on December 7th, where she will be training women to have a family-first, flexible online business coaching women entrepreneurs.

Join the challenge here


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