“Feng Shui Your Life” : Read How Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond Is Changing the Face of Manifestation.

Discover how one’s living space holds the power to make one’s wildest dreams a reality with “Feng Shui Your Life”, the latest book from internationally renowned Feng Shui Master Marie Diamond.

With thirty years of experience, Marie has seen firsthand how Feng Shui has the power to completely change peoples’ lives. By learning how to activate the right areas in one’s home with the right colors, images, and objects, one can use the positive flow of energy to manifest all sorts of incredible things. Feng Shui can help one with just about anything, but only with the correct know-how to use it.

Luckily “Feng Shui Your Life” is here to help! Acting as the perfect beginner’s guide, it shows readers how Feng Shui faux pas, big and small, may be stopping them from attracting success, love, good health, and prosperity. With a range of engaging exercises, tools, and real-life client stories, readers will learn how to use effective Feng Shui activations with confidence and transform the energy flow of their home, no matter what the shape or size. It’s the perfect book for beginners, practicing pros, or just those wanting to try something new and unlock their full power potential!

Published by Hay House, “Feng Shui Your Life” will be released on November 28th, 2023 on Amazon and in all good bookstores.

Author Bios:

Dame Marie Diamond is a world‐renowned Master Teacher of Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction, and the star of the major network TV series Feng Shui Your Life. She also featured in the global phenomenon “The Secret”. She uses her extraordinary knowledge of Feng Shui, quantum physics, and the Law of Attraction to help people transform their lives. Her vision is to enlighten more than 500 million people during her lifetime.

Marie has taught more than one million students over the last 30 years and has spoken in more than 30 different countries. She is a personal, business, and spiritual mentor and consultant to celebrities in the film and music industry and top entrepreneurs worldwide. For her humanitarian work, she is a knighted Dame.

Contact Information: publishing@mariediamond.comwww.MarieDiamond.com

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