For Rachel Farnsworth, Healing Her Daughter’s Autoimmune Disease Is Just the Tip of the Iceberg

Rachel Claire Farnsworth has always felt called upon to help and heal other people. But, having spent so many years locked in abusive relationships, was never able to reach her full potential. That is until she broke free of the cycle and found a way to reinvent herself. Now a Rapid Transformational Therapy and Reiki Master, her greatest achievements include helping her daughter overcome autoimmune disease and many others heal from PTSD, psoriasis, erectile dysfunction, and more. In her new book, The Power of Reinvention, she talks about her journey to empowerment and how it led her to such outstanding ends. 


Her process starts with the subconscious mind because she knows from experience that that’s where the tightest shackles are forged. Rachel has herself had to break down the barriers standing tall in her mind. So, she understands better than most exactly how it’s done. In working through the process alone and with her clients, she has found that three main beliefs hold us back: “I am not enough”; “what I want isn’t available”; and “I am different and can’t connect to other people”. In helping people (her daughter included) banish these beliefs, she transforms lives for the better. 


Of course, it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Starting up her business right before lockdown hit posed a big obstacle. However, her strong sense of purpose and undeniable gift have seen her through the hardships. Now, she’s ready to tell the world how she made it through Covid and many other difficulties to finally reach fulfilment. As she herself explains: “I want to share my story because I now feel whole and complete. I know my clients can feel the same way when we get to the root cause and heal the emotional pain lying behind their physical symptoms.” 

To find out more about Rachel, visit her website ( Or you can follow her on Facebook (@WellnessWithRach), Twitter (@MentalRapid), Instagram (@wellness_rachel), and YouTube (@Wellness With Rachel Claire Farnsworth).


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