Forbes Riley, The New Age Demands Strong, Resilient Women to Step Up

Forbes Riley, The New Age Demands Strong, Resilient Women to Step Up

Innovation and Ingenuity have been Forbes Riley’s motto which has grossed her more than $2.5 Billion in sales. This new age, demands new, strong, resilient women to step up and be counted. Riley has been doing that on her own, consistently generating her own money and business opportunities since age 17. By the age of 27, Riley had already made her first million, “I’ve never had a “job” because I yearned for more and support fellow dreamers”.

Her body shaming issues led to her passion for health and the creation of her worldwide portable fitness sensation, SpinGym. Whether wheelchair-bound or bodybuilder, with more than 2 million sold and brand ambassadors worldwide, Riley has all bases covered when it comes to helping anyone looking to get fit, fast.

Since COVID, and never one to rest on her laurels, Riley has launched a global coaching and leadership training company with her 17-year-old daughter, Makenna and is excited to help lead a path for future women leaders.

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