Founder Of Ottawa Digital Firm Grassroots Multimedia Bassem Elghawaby Celebrates Launch of Poetry Memoir “Solemn Stream: A Poetic Journey Through Faith & Bipolar”

This masterpiece, which took over 25 years to complete, is more than just a collection of poetry; it is a profound narrative that intertwines Elghawaby’s own experiences with mental health, particularly Bipolar Disorder, and the complexities of integrating into Canada’s richly diverse Muslim culture.

“It’s incredibly fulfilling to see ‘Solemn Stream’ resonate with so many, especially those grappling with mental health issues or cultural integration,” says Elghawaby. “This book is my gift to the world, and I believe that by promoting it further, we can reach even more people who will find solace and strength in its words.”

A cornerstone of Elghawaby’s professional ethos and the driving force behind Grassroots Multimedia is a deep-rooted commitment to collaboration. This innovative approach is evident in every aspect of their operations, particularly in video production projects. Grassroots Multimedia has consistently demonstrated a unique ability to bring together Canadian communities, businesses, and non-profit organizations in creating digital content. Their work goes beyond mere production; it’s about crafting stories that resonate with audiences and foster a supportive environment for mental health.

Under Bassem’s guidance, Grassroots Multimedia has emerged as a beacon of collaboration, using digital media as a tool to unite and uplift. Their projects often spotlight social causes and advocacy, especially in areas concerning mental health and community well-being. This focus is more than just a business strategy; it is a reflection of Bassem’s personal journey and commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Through this collaborative model, Bassem Elghawaby and his team at Grassroots Multimedia are not just creating content; they are building communities, fostering understanding, and providing a platform for voices that need to be heard, especially in the context of mental health awareness and support.

Elghawaby was interviewed on Muslim Network TV earlier this year on their program Canada Today Youth Edition: Embracing mental health issues in a Muslim household, and will be available for speaking engagements and collaboration/creativity workshops with high schools and colleges and media, in 2024. He was interviewed by MNTV’s host Sr Saamiyah Syed, exploring the topics of mental health and how reaching for help is still considered a taboo in Muslim households. She explores challenges that come with mental health issues and how one can ensure success despite the hurdles.

“I had the honor of listening to Bassem read one of his poems from his upcoming book in a live he did on Facebook. With each sentence my heart was being reminded of my lowest days and the pain and isolation. I have been suffering from depression and anxiety for over 8 years and there have been very few moments where I have felt that someone truly understood what it feels like. This was one of those moments. I could not hold back the tears of being reminded of those low times. It reminded me of how far I have come. I cannot wait to devour this book when it becomes available. Thank you Bassem” – AMATULLAH

Promo video of Bassem Elghawaby’s book, published in 2023, Solemn Stream – A Poetic Journey Through Faith and Bipolar. It’s a 25 year collection of poetry & journal entries that tackles themes of faith, mental illness, bullying, recovery and more.

The book’s launch event in March 2023 at Collabüro, Ottawa, was a rescheduled celebration from early 2020. An enlightening video featuring a discussion between Elghawaby and his colleague Wassim Abdel Khalek, along with readings of two poems from the book, can be viewed on Facebook.

About the Podcast:
Bassem Elghawaby is also the host of the “Inside Entrepreneurship Podcast,” alongside co-hosts and producers Sue Murphy (she/her) and Yahya Syed (they/them). This weekly podcast deconstructs entrepreneurship in the 21st century, exploring various topics from AI’s impact to mental health in entrepreneurship. Inside Entrepreneurship can be listened to on Audible

About the Book:
‘Solemn Stream – A poetic journey through Faith and Bipolar’ is a collection of poetry and journal entries spanning over 25 years. It offers a unique perspective on bipolar disorder, anxiety, bullying, social and academic pressures, and the role of faith. The book aims to share personal experiences to aid those facing similar struggles and broaden understanding among others.

About the Author:
Bassem Elghawaby is not just an author but a renowned free verse poet and founder of Grassroots Multimedia. His work has been pivotal in supporting social causes and advocacy. He holds a diploma in Business and Entrepreneurship, with additional qualifications in E-Publishing and Mobile Social Media Management from Algonquin College.

“Solemn Stream” is available on Amazon, Kindle, and other distributors. Visit Amazon for more details. Discover more about the book and purchase your copy at Solemn Stream.

Note: While poetry and journal writing can be therapeutic for mental health, professional help and support are crucial for those struggling.

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