Founder of Prepared Fathers Offers 2-Week Online Finance Course for Teens Home During Coronavirus School Closures

Jay Gabrani, Founder of Prepared Fathers, advises parents to encourage their teens to use the time while they are out of school due to the Coronavirus wisely. Most parents want to teach their teens about finance and money, but don’t really know how to go about that process. With his background in investing and finance, Gabrani believes that now is a great opportunity to educate teens with a 2-week accelerator program, “Finance and Investing for Your Teenager” designed for teenagers who want to learn and improve their money skills that can be completed while school is closed.

“Outside of physically protecting our kids, the next most important thing we can do is teach them about personal finance and investing,” Gabrani said. While kids are home in isolation due to the virus outbreak, Gabrani sees an opportunity to encourage teens to use this time wisely. Gabrani believes that by educating teens about money, they will be better prepared for a prosperous future. He is offering a special online financial education program via Zoom to teach teens about personal finance and investing during the self-isolation break from school. Beginning Thursday, March 19th @ 2pm EST teens can learn about money and finance instead of just sitting at home. To join the course visit:

 For parents who would like to learn more about how to teach their teens about finance and investing, please join the webinar. To learn more, visit:

Gabrani’s creation of this special online program was his response to helping parents and kids use their time wisely during this unexpected time off from school. “On Thursday, March 12th, my children’s school sent a note that schools will be closed until April 5th, 2020. While I was concerned about their physical safety, we started self-isolation practices that day. Later that evening as I sat there, I asked myself, ‘What am I going to do with these kids for the next few weeks?’ I had always planned to do a course where I teach them about personal finance and investing. We were going to do that starting in July during the summer vacation. Seeing how they couldn’t go out to see their friends and would probably become bored, my kids and I agreed to do the whole course in the 2 weeks from March 23rd to April 4th. If they were going to be home anyway, why not make the best of it.”

Gabrani added, “It is my hope that everyone stays physically safe and that your teenage kids will look back years from now to this self-isolation period and think, ‘I am glad I took the Prepared Fathers 2-week accelerator course.’”

Webinar & 2-Week Course: “Finance and Investing for Your Teenager

Begins: Thursday, March 19th @ 2pm EST

Where: Zoom (Webinar format)


About Jay Gabrani

After his first child was born in 2005, Jay Gabrani jumped into the world of real estate investing. Overcoming many challenges, he built a seven-figure real estate portfolio. That portfolio helped him take a multi-year sabbatical to deal with heartbreaking personal tragedy when his wife passed away in 2014. Before his wife passed away, Jay thought he was financially prepared. After going through the experience of being the executor of his wife’s estate, he realized he wasn’t. Today, Jay makes an impact raising his three children and empowering fathers to secure their family’s financial future as the founder of Prepared Fathers

To learn more about the 2-Week Accelerated Finance and Investing Course for Teens and to learn more about Prepared Fathers, please visit: Or, follow Prepared Fathers on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to see regular updates and course offerings @preparedfathers.

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