Founder of SLC Coaching, Coach Mike, Offers Life-Changing Courses that Provide Breakthroughs in Just 6 Steps!

Coach Mike Founder of SLC Coaching

Coming out of a year filled with turbulence to head right back into another with the same level of uncertainty has kept many people perplexed and wondering how to move forward with any sort of confidence as to what the future holds. 

Coach Mike understands fear, uncertainty, and skepticism to his very core.

At an early age, he was placed in a foster care system and found it very difficult to immerse himself in the subcultures across America.

Living with eight different families, all from different ethnic backgrounds, quickly gave him the ability to adapt to any environment using skills he’d learned from a psychology book picked up at a local thrift store.

What Mike realized was that listening to the other foster kids and giving them the advice to obtain a healthy mindset would ultimately help him become accepted.

While at first Mike was bullied for looking and being different, by pushing through and using his innate interpersonal skills to relate to others, and even help them, he became a trusted friend and a guide for many.

Coach Mike - SLS CoachingIt was by going through this challenging phase of life that helped Mike identify that his gifts and talents were coaching others to achieve their full potential, recognizing their inner strengths, and helping them train their thoughts to bring about positive outcomes. 

Today, Coach Mike is the founder and president of two successful companies, SWC Academy and SLC Coaching. He holds a degree in Psychology, a Masters Degree, a teaching credential and is working to earn his PhD one day.  

Coach Mike is a renowned successful life coach, an award-winning educator, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and proud father.

He has learned the hard way to live his life with a deep sense of passion and because he has seen it firsthand, he believes whole-heartedly that everyone has the capabilities to live out their dreams.

Mike has become living proof that by changing one’s mindset success can be obtained in all areas of life. 

Knowing all too well that everyone will at some point face unforeseen challenges, Coach Mike has developed several resources and programs to guide men and women through so that they may learn from their challenges and become more resilient from having experienced them.

Coach Mike offers many courses, programs, and digital tools to fit anyone’s schedule and budget.

  • Private Coaching: Discover the 6-Step Success Blueprint to Guide Your Life available in a variety of packages including the Awakening package, Breakthrough package, Discovery package, and Self-Mastery package. Each one offers participants the opportunity for learning to set strong, healthy boundaries, conquer self-doubt and overcome taking things too personally, and building up a stronger sense of confidence. Participants also receive useful tools and techniques on overcoming procrastination, self-sabotage, over-thinking, and adversity. They will walk away as a more self-aware, assertive, empowered individual who fully understands how to find purpose in life, develop healthy relationships, understand the subconscious mind and embrace living in the moment.
  • Entrepreneurship and Success Coaching: Coach Mike helps his clients realize that the true discovery of one’s full potential can only be discovered when the hidden truth behind discomfort and suffering is recognized, faced, and then released. Through his proven strategies he can guide clients to achieve the life they have always desired.
  • Online Courses: Principles to overcome negative habits are discussed in several online packages that target different trending topics including guilt, victim mentality, and shame.

What sets Coach Mike apart from other mindset coaches is that he is completely in tune with what it means to connect with individuals in today’s digitally driven world.

He has a strong presence on social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok where he acquired over 20,000 followers in just two weeks.

During the 2020 pandemic, simply by sharing his expertise on the possibility of transforming lives through a positive mindset, and a myriad of other relevant topics in today’s world such as anxiety, depression, codependency, victim mentality, post-traumatic stress disorder, anger management, and abuse, Coach Mike was able to connect with thousands and now offers his advice to nearly 1 Million followers!

It is a remarkable feat to live through such a difficult childhood and come out of it a happy, thriving, and an inspirational individual. But that’s exactly what Coach Mike did.

He overcame the odds and became an incredible success story boasting a feature on The Kelly Clarkson Show and ranking among the Top Ten Success Coaches to Follow in 2021 by Yahoo Finance. As Mike recalls the struggles that he faced – they were in fact blessings, because they catapulted him to become the motivational coach that he is today!

From foster child to an award-winning educator, master teacher, a success coach like no other who helps individuals worldwide learn how to live their best life…it IS possible to leave discomfort in the past and experience a life of joy and abundance!

Envision your life and soon you’ll get there!” – Coach Mike

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