Gail Dixon Of Masterful Messaging Featured On “Unlocking Your Limitless Life” Global TV Series

5-time best-selling author and founder of Masterful Messaging, Gail Dixon was a featured guest on “Unlocking Your Limitless Life,” a global TV series. Beginning March 23, 2020, “Unlocking Your Limitless Life” will explore with Dixon the power of message and how mastering your message is the key to being successful in every other area of your life. “When you master your message, you master your life,” Dixon explained.

She shared, “For as long as I can remember, I have known that words have tremendous power.  Words are the way we create and describe meaning in our lives.  What we say TO ourselves and ABOUT ourselves creates our reality, so choosing the right words is incredibly important. I envision a world where everyone will hear the words that describe their unique sacred identity and can speak those words with confidence as they live their life’s purpose.”

In her guest appearance on “Unlocking Your Limitless Life” Dixon told the story of how her greatest challenges led to her ultimate success.

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About Gail Dixon

Gail Dixon is a 5-time best-selling author and inspirational speaker. As a word wizard and brand positioning expert she has worked with hundreds of thought leaders, business experts, and up-and-coming change agents to name, frame and claim their personal and brand identities. Her gift of listening at the heart level positions Gail as a top expert and trusted authority for creating messaging that commands attention, creates connection and ignites impact. In 2017, Gail was selected as one of 100 “Awakening Giants,” a group of leaders working to inspire conscious leadership to positively impact 88 million lives worldwide.

 About Unlocking Your Limitless Life Global TV Series

Unlocking Your Limitless Life with host, Susan Statzer, shares personal life experiences and lessons by interviewing Light-workers, Transformational Specialists, Change Makers and Higher Consciousness Facilitators by sharing what was hidden inside their biggest problem which ended up being their greatest possibility.

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