Gen Z – Redefining Money And The Business Landscape

Not everyone is able to pursue their dreams. Yet, why is that? See Ting Lee, author of Gen Z Secrets, asked herself that question one day. Her diversified experience led her to this question (and its solution). Since high school she always followed her passion. This landed her as an ASEAN scholar. This helped her when she graduated with honors from the University of Birmingham for International Business.

Entrepreneurship through branding and self development has always piqued her interest. She exercised this initially through different sectors: business development, managing investments, interior design, consultancy, and more. However, at the end of the day she wanted to focus on her own brand and business. She also saw the potential of today’s youth as the next entrepreneurs. She ultimately created Kidzstarter. A learning community that works with young adults to be the next business leaders.

Now, See Ting Lee wants to help even more young adults and people in general with their path to business leadership. Her book, Gen Z Secrets, reveals how young people can be their own boss. Generation Z are people born from 1997 and beyond, according to Pew Research. Young adults that fit into this time category are more technologically advanced than ever before. The vast majority of them believe that technology has the power to change the way they work, and the world with it. See Ting Lee feels the same way.

Gen Z Secrets focuses on how to use technology to leverage passion and natural ability. It’s a myth that people can’t work towards something they are passionate about. An even larger falsity is that people can’t have a dream job. The key to unlocking this secret is how to do it. The answer: having a strong personal brand. It’s about the You Inc Revolution.

See Ting Lee examines the habits of successful entrepreneurs and content creators that are young. Some of them are as young as nine (earning 22 million dollars at that). She shows readers the strategy behind the most successful plans to have the best branding. Further, she takes readers on the path of recognizing opportunities that combine natural ability with a financial outcome. One of the best parts is that she shows readers how to do it with any kind of budget.

Personal success isn’t measured by the amount of money you have to start a business. Gen Z Secrets proves that life experience can translate to actual market value. Finding an idea that you are knowledgeable and passionate about can supercharge an unimaginable amount of leads. Her book even goes into emerging business secrets: automation and e-books. See Ting Lee has taught many how to craft a successful e-book as a syndicated Gen Z Expert and digital marketer.

Through the power of emerging technologies anyone can can get their story and message out to as many people as possible. With it, converting leads that are actually interested in their story and want to hear more. Many people have a million dollar idea. They just don’t know where to get started. Additionally, they might not know what tools and technology to use to rapidly increasing their branding efforts and self development. Success is only one book away.

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