Go From Obscurity To Wealth With Steve And Jayne Lowell

They both had just got out of previous marriages, both of them starting life over from zero and had a combined debt load of over $1 million.  By 2017 not only had they recovered, but together, as a team they had their first $1 million-dollar year and now they travel the world together speaking, coaching and training entrepreneurs and speakers all around the globe.

Steve is a #1 best-selling author and an award-winning global speaker. He is known around the world as one of the top mentors to professional speakers to help them craft and deliver a powerful message.  He has been training speakers for over 30 years and is personally positioned as the top speaker trainer in the world. 

Jayne ran an 8-figure business in Montreal for almost 25 years. She retired from that business in 2010 and is now known around the world as “The 7-Figure Mindset Mentor.”  She coaches her clients into a “7-figure mindset” in order to help them achieve a greater level of success and wealth by changing their belief systems and thus their patterns.  

Together they created, Wealthy Entrepreneurs Network Global (WEN Global) which is a community of successful entrepreneurs from all areas of business who are all driven towards a greater level of wealth through business success. They offer regular live events at which they share success and personal development strategies. They also connect their members to members of other networks and share referrals, speaking opportunities and learning opportunities.

Although their content and approach are unique in substance, what really makes them stand out are three things:

  • Their clients achieve outstanding results which they have never been able to achieve through other training: higher speaking fees, more sales from the stage, more standing ovations, more and higher-paying consulting and training contracts and even national television appearances.
  • They don’t just help their clients get better at what they do, they provide their clients with experiences that change their perspective on their entire business or life.
  • The principles they teach are profoundly unique and are not used by anyone else in the world.

The Lowells are truly a power couple in the industry and they offer such a unique package for speakers and businesses to level up and create more wealth. 

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