Health and Life Coach Kerry Burrows Reveals How Women Can Turn A Midlife Crisis Into A Midlife Transformation on Influencers Radio

Midlife Crisis is a term most women don’t think about until they start experiencing the signs. For some, it’s psychological; for others, it’s physical; and for many, it’s both. During this time, the battle with weight, energy, and self-confidence seems to get harder and harder. The impact can take a toll, physically and emotionally.

The way one feels can carry over into relationships and just about every aspect of life.

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, Health & Life Coach and founder of KayBee Consulting Kerry Burrows discussed how she helps women who feel lost or stuck in the second act of life.

With a passion for nutrition, fitness, and women’s health, she is now inspiring and empowering women to create energy, balance and joy.

During the interview, Kerry shared what drives her passion for inspiring and empowering women through nutrition, fitness, and health, saying, “It comes out of a dark place. I am now 57. But when I was going through perimenopause at the age of 43, I found myself with debilitating symptoms of insomnia, brain fog, anxiety and emotionally eating to the point where I just didn’t even recognize myself anymore. I knew that I needed to get some help. I went to my doctors and they just wanted to prescribe me medications. I did try some of them but they actually reacted worse in my body. So, as a prior research scientist in health care myself, I knew that there had to be more natural remedies and things that I could do for myself. I started diving in and became my own guinea pig and I cured myself. I found what works for women in midlife and instead of being in that dark place, I brought myself to a light place. And I said that no other woman should ever be in such a dark place in mid-life. I wanted to help as many women as I can to never have to go through that again and show them that they can work with somebody that hears them, understands them, and can help guide them to a place of energy, balance and joy.”

Today, Kerry’s passion and purpose is to guide midlife women with heart-centered coaching, science-based tools, strategies, and programs to support their journey for balance in their body and within their lives.

Kerry’s philosophy is that we are One Body, One Mind & One Heart and they are all interconnected. Being trained as both a health and life coach she is able to see, hear and help the whole person and not just the initial problem or struggle.

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