Hemi-Sync®’s Revolutionary Technology: Manage Stress, Promotes Wellness and Improve Overall Quality of Life

Garrett Stevens Hemi-Sync®’s Revolutionary Technology

Imagine having the ability to connect with deeper meditative states that can help manage stress, improve wellness, provide extraordinary levels of relaxation, and improve your overall quality of life.

The brain controls all body activities, ranging from heart rate and breathing to emotion, learning and memory. Researchers have speculated that when fully functioning the brain can generate as much as 10 watts of electrical power. Hemi-Sync®, short for Hemispheric Synchronization, is a miraculous tool that delivers a safe, proven, audio guidance technology that triggers both brain hemispheres simultaneously, and allows for full human potential.

The Hemi-Sync® technology was founded and developed by Robert Monroe, leader in the field of sound and research and author of three books detailing out-of-body experiences. Since his discovery, more than 50 years of research has been applied to this revolutionary technology to further enhance its benefits. Today, the Hemi-Sync® company is led by Garrett Stevens, a conscious media executive, investor and entrepreneur who also offers workshops in exploring consciousness.

The Hemi-Sync® audio technology works through guidance of multi-layered audio signals which act together to create resonance in unique brainwave forms that are characteristic of specific forms of consciousness. The process is most often performed through the use of stereo headphones, or with two speakers placed on either side of the room to mimic a stereo scenario. It is a simple process of delivering different tones to each ear.

The two hemispheres of the brain then act in unison to hear a third signal, which is a difference between the two tones. It is not an actual sound, but an electrical signal that can only be perceived by both brain hemispheres working together. The third sound, a wavering sound known as a binaural beat, encourages desired brainwave activity.

Hemi-Sync® produces a coherent focus, ideal for increasing human performance and is available in a variety of formats. 

  • The Gateway Experience®, a series of 42 comprehensive audio exercises, was developed to allow participants to experience its life-changing effects in a home environment. This series has remained the most popular for more than 25 years. Due to demand, the series has been translated into a number of languages and is popular in different parts of the world. 
  • Mind Food® is a guided meditation series designed to address a number of specific issues, which include building creativity and intuition, strengthening wellness levels, improving memory skills, reducing stress and anxiety, and enhancing sleep. There are also titles designed for children’s bedtime stories, titles for study aids for all learners of all ages, and titles targeted to assist those with learning disabilities and ADHD. 
  • Human Plus® titles, referred to as the access channel by Monroe, were established to allow the body to deeply relax so that the subconscious may be reprogrammed in areas an individual would like to change. This includes areas such as weight loss, smoking, sexual drives and other undesired habits. 

Additional titles that are covered in greater length include: Navigating through and discerning near death and out-of-body experiences, and discarding harmful techniques associated with physical aging.

The Metamusic® (meaning “more than music”) Collection is one of the most popular genres, and is a collaboration between Hemi-Sync® engineers and musical artists, where they work closely with one another to layer the Hemi-Sync® technology within complementary musical tracks.

It is widely known that music has a profound ability to affect consciousness, mood and performance, and with Hemi-Sync® technology individuals may reach meditative states more quickly and easily, allowing them to incite beneficial change. 

Used in more than 100 countries, Hemi-Sync® offers the largest online collection of content to help individuals relax, focus, meditate, sleep, and lead a more vibrant life. This remarkable technology has been helping people worldwide for more than decades. Here are a few stories from those who are believers.

“Probably the best thing about The Gateway Experience® course has been my new ability to meditate, to relax, to calm down. I hadn’t been able to properly meditate before, though I had been trying a long time.” – Kate G.

“I wish more people understood that the feeling of Hemi-Sync® is very real. It’s noticeably different from a sober/regular state. You can even create it whenever you want. This stuff is incredible.” – Humberto Q.

From guided meditations and ambient music to practical tools one can use daily, Hemi-Sync® enables individuals to have a more directed, proportional mind-state. Imagine the possibilities!


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