How Committed Are You, Really?

If I had a dollar for everyone who told me they were going to write a book, I could dine out each month at a fine dining restaurant.

And those who do go on to write a book, very rarely these days add anything new to the plethora of books out there, or go deep enough in to the story for a global market.

At the top of the New York Bestsellers list is a selection of books which focus on the main course of sex and violence, and none have any substance apart from those.

Yes, the narrative and dialogue may be well written, with the protagonist relating to the reader and just the right number of metaphors and hooks to keep the reader turning the pages to the end, but really?


Have we got to a point of our existence that very few new ideas are published which cross nations, cultures, faiths and generations?

Call me a literary snob, but I want my books to take me on a journey which not only teaches me new things about the world in which we live, but also helps to break down fears of one another, whilst creating respectful debate amongst us all.

But what do we see?

More and more ‘shallow as a puddle’ fiction books, regurgitated business book after business book, and more sloppy seconds in the world of women’s fiction than a whore-house and the ladies of the hour.

Currently, I am working on a book with a client which not only educates us about a major historical figure, but also introduces us to the history of the world in which we live.

Yes folks, a historical fiction book can be an act of activism.


Because when we put right the narratives of the world, celebrating those behind the main characters of history, we get to see the world through a new lens.

Luckily for my clients, they get to work with an author coach and developmental editor who not only is a massive geek who has studied, theology, anthropology, neuroscience, as well as the usual subjects such as leadership, culture diversity and political philosophy with universities such as Oxford University,

But they also get to work with a woman who has lived and worked in 43 countries across 4 continents, speaks multiple languages which includes Arabic and Spanish.

My clients know there is more to writing a book than simply putting words on a page and replicating the latest crime thriller, vampire love story or chick lit novel.

We are a discerning breed of authors, author activists if you will, who have a high level of thinking, and can see through mainstream narratives, asking the right questions.

We know that to write a quality book, and get it in the hands of our readers, it needs proper investment, with no short cuts or mediocre editing and design.

We choose to self-publish because we know it is more important to get our books into the hands of the equally discerning readers, rather than wait for one of the Big 4 to come to us with an offer of a contract.

One such woman I was interviewed by for her book back in 2018 is still waiting to be published – even though her content could have helped hundreds and thousands of mothers everywhere make informed choices on how they want to journey through pregnancy and delivery.

It is more important for this woman to wait for one of the Big 4 to hand her the advance royalty cheque so she can say she has been published by them, rather than help women around the world.

Had this woman chosen to invest in herself and her book, she could have been gifting women the opportunity to choose freely, could have empowered them and gained reviews, royalties and a global presence on podcasts, TV and in the relevant magazines.

Had she done all of this, then the Big 4 would be more likely to pick up her book and publish it.


Because they would have social proof the book is worth their time, effort and resources.

It also shows them that she believes in her book, and has invested in herself, which for those of us who have seen the Dragon’s in their Den listening to pitches by those brave enough to be scrutinised publicly about their business ideas and finances,

Those who invest in themselves, are more likely to have an investor invest in them.

We have to ask ourselves as authors “What is the end goal for this book?”

If it is to be published by the Big 4, then we are missing the point of writing a book.

The end goal is to have our book read by as many people as possible, and that takes self-belief that our writing and ideas are worthy of investing in; and if we don’t invest in ourselves and our book, why should anyone else?

The same goes for those who are looking to establish themselves as an expert in the world of business, academia or social change.

If we are writing the same old stuff that has been written before, then it shows we are not committed to establishing ourselves as experts, just merely copy-cats who jumped on the latest bandwagon as it passed through town.

Going deep into our subjects, analysing it, and writing a book that crosses nations, cultures and ideologies and we’ve established ourselves as a global market leader, rather than ‘just another thought leader’ or ‘influencer’.

If we’re are not adding anything new to the discourse, changing it for the better or creating real change in the world, our industry or new schools of thought, then why bother?

Not everyone can afford my 1:1 coaching or developmental editing services, and that is done on purpose. I am not for everyone, and do not wish to work with those who are not serious about investing in themselves or their vision.

But knowing how many authors have no business acumen, or understanding of how to write, publish, market themselves or their book, or how to create a deep and powerful vision for themselves and their career as an author, is why I have created the DBI Author Academy

It includes challenges, seminars, training videos, courses, as well as offers authors the opportunity to apply for a manuscript assessment which gives them a basic edit, marketing insights and the honest feedback they will need to ensure their manuscript is ready for market.

The thing is though, reading some of the tweets over on Twitter by those in the #writerscommunity who spend more time on Twitter than they do on working on their book or business, you begin to understand that no matter what advice or help is available to the wannabe authors of the world,

They will still cut costs by editing their own books (which is impossible given that they wrote it and their brain is already filling in the corrections before their eyes have a chance to read it),

They will continue to design their own book covers, which you can tell a mile away, and see very few who are willing to invest in having their books proofread or typeset by a professional.

And then we wonder why there are so many poorly written books out there on the market, and indie authors get such a bad reputation,

Which results in many high street bookstores refusing to stock books by any self-published author – even those of us who do invest in the professionals.

There is a saying that if anything is worth doing, it is worth doing well, but sadly, like common sense is to the masses, it has become a rarity these days in the world of publishing to see many self-published books done well.

A few years ago, I said “Amazon has now become the litter bin of literature” because so many who believe they can write, and can’t, have access to Amazon KDP which provides them with the opportunity to publish, which in an ideal world where everyone was a brilliant writer, talented designer and excellent marketeer would be a great thing.

Except we are not living in an ideal world, and not everyone has the talent, the drive or commitment to ensure the book they are writing and publishing is worthy of the them receiving the title of author.

It takes great commitment, courage and a whole host of other disciplines to become a successful author, and whilst I applaud everyone who attempts to write and publish a book, a dream for so many, there comes a point when you just have to say “Enough is enough! Stop it!”.

Learning to read takes practice and is the gateway to understanding the world we live in, so let’s honour everyone’s learning to read journey by giving the world high quality books which add value, rather than vanity to those who would be better off simply reading rather than writing.

We don’t achieve greatness without being committed to a higher purpose, so discover your real purpose and go for it! No excuses. Ever.

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