How To Raise Your Vibe To Become A Productivity Ninja

How To Raise Your Vibe To Become A Productivity Ninja

From the end of March to mid-summer, it truly feels as though the clocks are running faster than you are, and that there is ten times as much stuff to get done!

The time speed-up may be an illusion, but, as we feisty, driven entrepreneurs well know, the chunky, springtime to-do list is as impressive as the shadows carved under our eyes.

With longer daylight hours, we start to stretch our days, our agendas and our energy to the max, filling them with more and more busyness!

In the marketing calendar year, spring is one the best times to sell, sell, sell. Commerce is buoyant. We’re tuning in to the collective energy of renewal and creation. Archaic as it sounds, we really do feel the pull to match Mama Nature’s frenzy to plant seeds, pro-create, and produce a strong growth spurt!

Spring is the time when your freshly-set goals start to demand more time and energy. 

It was great fun scribing them in a trendy new planner, sprawled on the couch with a New Year cocktail. But now the rubber has hit the road, and productivity is your new sleeping partner (that is, you can’t sleep for thinking about getting stuff done!).

Does that sound (tiresomely) familiar?  For sassy, motivated entrepreneurs, spring growth spurts are vital!

  • Whether it’s that new book to finish and publish
  • The super new JV launch
  • The social media domination campaign
  • Extra meetings
  • Increasing your client base
  • Up-levelling websites and software
  • Diversification
  • Optimising your new team’s talents,

for you to accomplish the additional projects and busy diary, you are going to have to become a Ninja with your most precious resource – your energy.

And the best way to do that is in understanding how to keep your vibe high! 

I am a champion of this new generation of pioneering women who simultaneously manage businesses, families, foundations, hobbies, magazines, community projects, girlfriends’ sleepovers (socially distanced ones!) women who write books, create sister circles, track their money, time, and kick-ass their dreams.

Can we just hug the heck out of our awesomeness for a moment?

How can we ladies optimise our productivity using, as mama nature does, our natural vibrational energy? How can we get our ‘success sap’ rising vigorously?

How do we get our multiple project ‘seeds’ planted and nurtured?

The answer is simple: it is to radically curtail that which brings your vibe down. That means, stop whatever you’re doing that is holding you back from being your best self, living your best life!

This includes these three massive Energy Drainers :

  • A negative mindset: it is nigh-on impossible to achieve anything worthy whilst festering with pessimism, fear or resentment. Bad moods are formed from energy resistance, and anything we resist persists! Bonjour struggle, strife and the losing to our inner saboteur!
  • Whining, gossiping and bitching: these activities are energy vampires. How the hell can we get stuff done when we’re mouthing incantations about other people’s affairs that are none of our business?
  • You’re probably a wonderful person, but I bet you can’t resist being critical sometimes! It’s not good karma!
  • Limiting self-beliefs and self-doubts: many hours, weeks, days and years are wasted in struggling with old brain-sh*t that severely hinders us from reaching our potential.
  • Struggling with our neuro-biological patterns is a giant goal-killer. Yet, we must master our thoughts, emotions to achieve the stable moods and attitudes of a ninja-preneur.
  • News and crappy media: why would you want to spend your precious life and your precious breath tuning into other people’s drama rather than tuning your frequency into your star-lit path? Watching that stuff is like literally absorbing an anti-high-performance pill into your bloodstream.
  • Abusing addictive poisons: they may be fun, but they are assassins of clarity, focus, resolve and discipline, all necessary to get stuff done.

Unbalanced or unhealthy lifestyle: excess sugar and caffeine, lack of exercise, erratic sleep – all of these take their toll on our bodies, tiring them and causing our brain to yoyo between alertness and exhaustion.

The opposites of those are massive energy raisers. Let’s take each one:

  1. Creative Mindset: when we’re creative, we are optimistic. A creative mind knows its own power in attracting and manifesting our desires! A creative mind is a limitless one, so it can’t drop into a low, energy-pulling funk! A creative mind is a brilliant, problem-solving one, a vital skill for a period of exponential growth!
  2. Benevolence: an old-fashioned word that means ‘well-seeing’. Ok, we don’t have to love everyone, but genuine appreciation of people is a powerful attractor factor. Offering people attention, support, and real recognition will magnetise clients and opportunities and people who want to help you Get. Stuff. Done. A kind heart is a good vibe magnet! Be nice, and nice things happen!
  3. Optimum self-care: nothing raises your power to craft your best life ever (and your best business ever) than taking exquisite care of your body. Many entrepreneurs take their business out on their body in negligence and abuse and pay the price later. Physical fitness is a premium business skill. It allows you to manage emotions, crush long days, travel, stress, overwhelm, challenges. It increases concentration, reduces tiredness (so you are more efficient), and the resulting endorphins are vital in keeping you inspired, fired and motivated. Nothing beats raising your performance vibe like dedicated fitness discipline.

Yep, love it or hate it; if you want to be a productivity ninja without paying a heavy price on your health, you have to move your pretty butt and move it regularly!

So today, why not revise where your energy is being drained?

Journal on where your vibe gets heavy, and in what way?

Look at the three main Energy Raisers above. How can you give them all a makeover, so you are really primed to crush this period of spring growth with elegant ease and breathtaking style?

The expression ‘Spring Cleaning’ is not for nothing! It’s a perfect time to renew! To celebrate that change of vibe and to reward your awesomeness, treat yourself to a new hair-do. Some new brand photographs! A professional opinion on your video make-up. A purse. A VA. A mentor.

The sap of all spring growth is rising, and naturally, so are you!

But you must raise your vibe by raising your standards! 

Remember, “Everything is energy”. So keep it high, and see your productivity scale with it!

Jenni's mission is to help women entrepreneurs leverage their genius, grace, and super-powers to transcend any market challenges and fulfill their greatest potential as healthy, wealthy change-makers.

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