How to Survive the New Tier System: Advice From a Business Coach Who Has Bounced Back From Rock Bottom




The nation may be coming out of lockdown, but the tier system and ongoing recession seem set to keep business owners across the country in limbo for quite some timeUnsurprisinglymany entrepreneurs are going into panic mode, but successful business coach Richard Fletcher knows they needn’t worry. He himself has experienced rock bottom and knows exactly what it takes to bounce right back up, and so he is here to offer advice to concerned business owners that will help them turn the current crisis into a new beginning. He currently works with entrepreneurs to increase their profits, and his business continues to boom even as the coronavirus crisis rages on. But he hasn’t always been as comfortable as he is nowand his past experiences of financial hardship are what motivate him to do the best job possible for his clients. 


Not all that long ago, he had a well-paid, steady job as a contractor for BAE Systems, and he believed himself to be safe and secure. A redundancy just weeks before Christmas burst his bubble, though, leaving him without a steady income with which to support himself and his wife. That wasn’t his only run-in with failure, either, and over the years he has also had an unfulfilling spell as a professional gambler, a punt at getting rich quick as a multi-level marketer, and attempts at selling products that ranged from backpacks to dating guides. These failures have got him to where he is today, though, because they taught him how to be resilient and, most importantly, how to make money even when times get tough.  


Now Richard wants to give all those struggling the sort of no-nonsense advice that he needed when he was at his lowest. On the issues facing business owners suffering in the current climate, he says: “the main thing about surviving recessions is to understand why a customer would choose you, rather than one of your competitors. Even if you run a small business like a sandwich shop, you still need to be able to answer the question ‘why would people come to my sandwich shop and not one of the other 100 in town?’” He can help those in need figure out the answer to this and many other all-important questions, and pull their businesses out of the darkness as a result.  


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