H&R Training Professionals Brings The Treasure Of Support And Guidance To Single Fathers

Margaret Thorli founder of H&R Training Professionals

H&R Training Professionals (H&R) successfully secures funding for single fathers and men to run workshops on business start-ups.

Single fathers are distressed, and the post-pandemic era has made them frantically look for guidance and mentors — all in the wrong direction. A parent handling their child alone, while also juggling a personal and professional life is mayhem. However, it can be turned into a real treat, once they get over the oddities and find the real happiness that lies in having a balanced single-parent life. 

Margaret Thorli, Magazine CoverMargaret Thorli, the founder of H&R Training Professionals, is a person who has dedicated her life and business to morphing the lives of confused and scared single parents into stable ones. H&R Training Professionals (H&R) successfully secured funding for single fathers and men to run workshops on business start-ups the training started 19th April 2022 so far, 24 single fathers and men completed the training. The single fathers and men they are inspired empower and motivated to start their own business.

H&R Training Professionals provides expert Business coaching, mentoring career coaching as well as formal and informal support. All their clients have access to world-class, practical top coaching and mentoring advice; and a powerful support & referral network.

 Single fathers are not primal to the challenges of single parenting. With a child on one shoulder and responsibilities of maintaining a good livelihood for others — they can get lost in this warped phase. To get them out of it, Margaret and her team uses their professional capacities both as single parents and as expert guidance and mentors. They bring the lives of people on the right track and ensure they don’t have financial or other life troubles. 

 They have many new exciting, workshops and training sessions coming up for single fathers, some of them are:

  • Get Back on Track in Life and Business.
  • Online Masterclass How to Write Successful Funding Application Forms
  • Let’s Change Your Life With Margaret Thorli
  • Father’s Talk Show Coming Soon.
  • Mentor Training for Young People in A Gang

 Margaret has made a promise that she will keep, and will turn the lives around for single fathers worldwide. With an intense passion for achieving what she wants, and helping others do the same too. The charismatic soul and her business are a force to be reckoned with. 

Single fathers will greatly benefit from H&R Training Professionals’ workshops and will navigate the upcoming challenges in their life swiftly. They will slay their life goals while also having a good relationship with their children. 

 “A father who raises children on his own is nothing short of a hero. He is not only an amazing man; he is also the perfect role model for his children.” 

Margaret will do everything in her power to help the single father out there. To know more about her generous work, visit her website here.

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