HydroShield Las Vegas Takes Center Stage on Vegas Business Spotlight Podcast

In the latest episode of the Vegas Business Spotlight podcast, host Tim Knifton sits down with Joe Wittenwiler, the owner of HydroShield Las Vegas, to discuss his remarkable journey and the incredible work he is doing in the city.

HydroShield Las Vegas is an eco-friendly surface protection coating that specializes in glass and glass glazed products. From shower glass and kitchen countertops to bathroom sinks and exterior windows, HydroShield offers a solution that is not only super slick and easy to clean but also eco-friendly.

Joe Wittenwiler’s journey with HydroShield began when he discovered the product as a mortgage loan officer. After being blown away by its performance on his own shower glass, Wittenwiler was determined to bring this revolutionary technology to Las Vegas. It took him years of perseverance and negotiation, but he finally bought out all the partners and took over ownership of HydroShield Las Vegas.

When asked about his inspiration for starting the business, Wittenwiler shared, “I was fascinated by this product. I had it installed on my shower glass, and I’ve never seen anything like it. The water in Vegas is notorious for leaving calcium deposits on shower glass, making it nearly impossible to clean. But with HydroShield, I was amazed at how it repelled water and kept the glass looking beautiful.”

Being based in Las Vegas has greatly influenced HydroShield’s business strategies and decisions. With the city’s booming construction industry, Wittenwiler sees immense potential in both residential and commercial applications. He envisions HydroShield being installed on every piece of glass in casinos, hotels, restaurants, and new construction homes.

Reflecting on the advantages of doing business in Las Vegas, Wittenwiler said, “This town is a blank canvas. It’s clean, beautiful, and well thought out. The roads make sense, and the traffic flows smoothly. Vegas is a city where intelligent people have built something extraordinary.”

Building meaningful relationships within the Las Vegas business community has been crucial to HydroShield’s growth. Wittenwiler emphasized the importance of networking and recommended joining networking groups like BNI (Business Network International). He shared, “The philosophy of givers gain is so simple yet powerful. When I shifted my focus from what others could do for me to what I could do for them, that’s when the magic started happening. Building meaningful relationships is all about helping others and earning their trust.”

While facing the challenges of balancing multiple careers and finding the right team, Wittenwiler remains focused on HydroShield’s future. His goal is to make HydroShield a household name and have it installed on every piece of glass in Las Vegas. He believes in the power of the product and the positive impact it can have on people’s lives.

As HydroShield continues to expand, Wittenwiler is excited about upcoming projects, particularly focusing on exterior windows and total home protection. However, given the product’s sensitivity to heat, he aims to complete these projects before the scorching Las Vegas summer arrives.

In conclusion, Joe Wittenwiler and HydroShield Las Vegas are shining examples of entrepreneurship in the vibrant Las Vegas business scene. Their commitment to providing eco-friendly surface protection and building meaningful relationships sets them apart in the industry. To learn more about HydroShield Las Vegas and their remarkable journey, visit their website at hydroshieldlasvegas.com or contact their office at 702-609-6388.

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