International Best-Selling Author Dawn Bates Delivers Game-Changing 7-Month AUTHORity Mastermind To Those With Budding Interests of Becoming Published.

International best-selling author Dawn Bates has already experienced some of life’s darkest moments but holds fast to the mindset of not allowing them to steal from her future. Instead, she is continuing to inspire individuals worldwide! Marching into 2021 utilizing her more than 20 years of experience as a leadership coach and business strategist, author, publisher, ghostwriter, speaker, Digital Ocean nomad, and online entrepreneur, Bates is delivering a remarkably unique teaching platform, to those with a desire of becoming a published author, by introducing her 7-Month AUTHORity Mastermind program. 

Bates, who specializes in leading entrepreneurs, CEOs and authors to re-evaluate the life they live to seek their deepest desires, and who on average writes 12,000 words per day, has a repertoire of published works including The Trilogy of Life Itself.  This impressive body of work encompasses the last 30 years of life from around the world and is artfully detailed in Friday Bridge, Walaahi and Crossing The Line. Covering relevant topics ranging from social stereotypes, entrepreneurship, single-parenting, first-hand accounts of the Egyptian Uprising, and police corruption and racism in Scotland, The Trilogy of Life Itself is positively captivating, inspiring and empowering for all who read it.

Now, it’s no secret that the current state of the world provides an unwelcome abundance of fear-based noise surrounding the current health crisis and the economic concerns that go along with that. As a result, a plethora of self-help books have surfaced in regards to business and personal development, achieving more in life and changing one’s mindset to take on healthier new perspectives. These books that are currently hitting the best-seller status on the market, and whilst that is a great selling point, Bates is more interested in making sure authors continue to receive a variety of incomes from their book moving forward.  Whilst millions of individuals are at home and wondering ‘what’s next?’ they are also craving inspiration from those who have discovered what’s next and are living their dream life, regardless of what the current narrative is.

Known for her profound wisdom, high energy and determination for seeking and speaking the truth, Bates’ 7-Month AUTHORity Mastermind is designed to lead, enlighten and engage individuals who are eager to take their businesses to the next level, whilst also sharing their expertise and journey with the world. People today want change, action and a new narrative, and Bates’ organization, Dawn Publishing, was formed to do just that. Her mission is to bring about positive change in the world of publishing and to create long-lasting traditions while doing so.

It does not go without mention that it is quite common for an individual to talk about writing a book, and even start the process, but the majority give up before the book is completed. The 7-Month AUTHORity Mastermind is a comprehensive course where Bates will apply her years of leadership, personal growth and study, and her extraordinary gift of providing a deeper healing experience, a higher level of consciousness and a greater personal awareness that will propel participants forward, preparing them to implement massive change in the world through their story. Not to mention, they will have tons of fun along the way!

Knowing that personal truth is an individual’s most incredible power, Bates will lead 11 fortunate entrepreneurs, executives and other participants on an incredible journey of seeking truth and understanding of consciousness and will guide them to be the proud curator of a compelling published masterpiece.



Dawn Bates, Founder and Head Coach of Dawn Publishing, has over 20 years in Entrepreneurship, Community Cohesion and Cultural Diversity, Coaching and Developing Leaders, whilst also being a leading authority on global issues around the world. International Best-selling Author many times over, across multiple continents and author coach to entrepreneurs, CEO’s and figure heads in society, as well as global media influencer, freelance writer for prestigious magazines, and guest speaker on TV, Radio, University Symposiums and Summits around the world, Dawn is no stranger to being in the spotlight.

Dawn has a wealth of knowledge from over 22 years of continuous personal development and study, speaks Arabic and Spanish at an intermediate level, and is currently studying for her PhD in International Law and Social Justice with Oxford University.

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