JC Soto, Founder of Online Media 360, Announces 3 Small Businesses to Watch in 2023

JC Soto, Founder of Online Media 360, announced 3 small businesses that are doing great work but are not getting the visibility and credit that bigger companies get. JC Soto’s mission is to get these businesses featured on the online media outlets. 

“Visibility is getting harder and harder to achieve in today’s crowded and busy business environment. We are making the effort to highlight businesses that are not getting noticed enough and hopefully giving a small boost to their visibility, so they also increase their credibility,” JC stated.

These 3 small businesses are worth keeping an eye on:

Hydro with Hope – founded by “The Hydro Coach”, Jeff Pearson. “Hydro with Hope is here to serve the hydrocephalus community by offering tangible help and encouragement through online and in-person resources. We also endeavor to increase awareness of hydrocephalus and normalize hydrocephalus-related vocabulary for friends, and family of hydrowarriors,” Pearson states.

Their newest book called “My Hydrowarrior Story”, is a fill-in-the-blank journal designed to help families and individuals with hydrocephalus navigate every step of their journey. The journal helps them navigate through diagnosis, surgery, the hospital stay, going home, continued recovery and beyond.

Search for Hydro with Hope on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

“Remember: We’re here to help you. You are not alone,” Jeff concluded.

Learn more at: www.hydrowithhope.com

Breakaway Scores – founded by Joe Constantine – provides mentoring and life coaching to teens and youth to help build confidence and self-esteem to work through life’s challenges.

Rob Spic and Span Cleaning, LLC – founded by professional house cleaner, Robert McCreight. “Doing the work you don’t have time to do. I help my clients have more time with their families,” McCreight explained.

Online Media 360 is constantly looking for small businesses that are in need of recognition. To submit a small business to be recognized contact jc@onlinemedia360.com or visit: www.onlinemedia360.com

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