Jodi Randall, mindset coach, builds immunity and resilience in people suffering in these uncertain times

Highly specialised anxiety and fear mindset coach Jodi Randall wants to build the immunity and resilience in people that are suffering uncertainty in these times.

Rates of clinical depression have almost doubled since the start of lockdown which means low-level anxiety sufferers will have tripled.

With quarantine, people are consuming more media news and scrolling more social channels. Subconsciously, people are pushing down the fear that rises up from within. As a result, many are increasingly vulnerable to illness as the more the body is in fear the more open it is to catching bugs/viruses.

As an anxiety and fear wellness healer and a past victim of depression herself, Jodi, who is from Melbourne, Australia, is well-placed to spot the signs of the emotional toll and energetic misalignment people are in. She sees it daily in the corporate mindset programs she runs. And knows that breathework practise is THE way out to those who are scared or struggling. She knows what makes a situation fearful, and has advice on handling uncertainty, overwhelm, inner rage and the steps you can take to support yourself to build your own internal power to combat fear.

For those who remain stuck in a cycle of bewilderment, Jodi encourages self connection and internal reflection. No one deserves to live in fear, so it’s important they ask themselves why it is they haven’t looked to seek change? In Jodi’s opinion, people don’t realise there is a better pathway until they are lead to be shown. They accept anxiety and fear as ‘just as it is’. They unknowingly feed their fear and anxiety through thoughts and actions. When people see the strength they gain through simple, consistent breathework practises, the fear and anxiety simply falls away.

Jodi’s breathework sequence sessions show people the path to increasing their own power. It’s the connection within. It’s knowing your body is the healthy vessel, you immediately feel your internal fire and strength. She advises people to know they have everything internally to combat anything externally. She also wants sufferers to know that the connection with your internal self acts like a protective layer to all those around you. It energetically transmutes to your people. As your inner strength increases through breathework, your entire outer world becomes vastly improved. Breathework is your secret weapon to ensure immediate respite with long lasting health benefits.

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