Joey Dalessio, President Of KeyInCode, LLC Recently Announced A New Line Of “Smart” Locks—Potentially Making Keys Obsolete

Joey Dalessio, President of KeyInCode, LLC announced a new line of “smart” locks, a form of keyless entry. A major hassle for businesses and retailers is controlling and replacing old-fashioned keys for buildings, doors and equipment. KeyinCode, LLC recently launched three models of “smart” locks to their line of KeyinCode products. The smart locks provide new keyless entry options to business owners, retailers and private parties.  Smart locks offer unique applications for heavy, medium and lighter use and they can be operated by codes, cards/fobs and a cell phone. KeyinCode locks are managed individually at the keypad or via a smartphone using a robust app (free) or remotely via the app using an optional wi-fi gateway.

The new smart lock line comes in 3 models, depending on the amount and type of use planned. They also offer 3 different methods of entry and 3 different management options, as well as varying price points. According to company President Joey Dalessio, “When it comes to electronic keyless entry locks for doors, one size does not need to fit all.”

Dalessio added, for installations of unlimited locks, locations and users, KeyinCode’s “KeyinCloud” portal provides access to a wi-fi cloud-based management system. KeyinCloud provides the end user a fully functional and scalable electronic lock management system. Dalessio explained, “Cloud based systems mean reduced operating costs, as there is no dedicated computer or server required.” The benefit of three models to choose from for end users is the cost savings provided by the choice of three price points for the new smart lock line. The operation and all functionality is identical across all models for easy orientation and efficient management.

For more information about KeyinCode, LLC and their new line of “smart” locks, contact: Or, visit: to learn more about the 3 models, 3 methods of entry, 3 management options and 3 price points. To learn more about the cloud service, visit:

About Joey Dalessio

Joey Dalessio, President of KeyinCode, LLC is a lock and security industry veteran with practical experience from field technician to territory sales, national and worldwide sales management, and executive leadership. He is co-author of two industry related books, and many published articles. He is known as an inspirational instructor and business generation specialist. “Joey D.” is an Associate Member of ALOA Security Professionals Association, President of the Massachusetts Locksmith’s Association, and Ambassador with the National Association of Local Businesses. You can also find “Joey D.” participating in the various local and national trade shows and conferences.

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