Junko Rivka Horvath Hits Amazon Best Seller List with “Women in Financial Transition.”

Sandy Springs, Georgia – Certified Financial Planner Professional ™ and Certified Financial Transitionist™, Junko Rivka Horvath released her new book to help women who are in financial transition.

It’s a collection of interviews by experts in specific topics including Divorce, Inheritance, Retirement, Widowhood and Sale of a Business.

“I designed this to be a resource book for women who find themselves in a financial transition. I want them to learn the common money challenges women go through and how to avoid common mistakes by gaining more knowledge and information” states Horvath.

“It doesn’t matter if a woman is married, single, divorced or widowed, if they are seeking financial security and freedom I hope this book with help them take the first step toward an amazing life of significance and freedom” continues Horvath.

Women in Financial Transition: Secure Your Future By Avoiding The Most Common Money Mistakes Women Make is available on Amazon.com

About Junko Rivka Horvath

Junko Rivka Horvath, CFP®, CeFT®, CEO of Fujiyama Wealth Management (www.FujiyamaWealth.com), is a seven-time recipient of the Five Star Wealth Manager Award.

She is best known for her work helping women through life transitioning events. Junko has been granted the Women’s Choice Award by the WIFE Organization. She has been featured in Forbes, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Atlanta Magazine, Atlanta Jewish Times, and Business RadioX.

 She has been a fundraiser for several charities and performs with the Women’s Concert for a local school in Atlanta, GA.  

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