Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Healthy Gut Clinic Owner, Gets to the Bottom of Things in Let That Sht Go! 31 Things to Do If You Want a Better Poo

Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, Healthy Gut Clinic Owner, Gets to the Bottom of Things in Let That Sht Go! 31 Things to Do If You Want a Better Poo

If there’s one thing that most people don’t enjoy sharing details of it’s their poo!

In today’s world, where health has quickly moved to the forefront, talking about #2 needs to become easier. Scientific research shows that 85% of an individual’s immunity is governed by the digestive tract which also manufactures about 80-90% of the body’s serotonin; affecting mood, social behavior, appetite, digestion, sleep, and even memory!

So, getting to the bottom of things is something Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie, owner of The Healthy Gut Clinic, realized was extremely important! Katherine knows that a healthy, fully functioning gut is crucial to overall health, and in her new book, Let That Sh*t Go!: 31 Things to Do If You Want a Better Pooshe reveals useful insights for recognizing what’s going on inside the body, and all by analyzing poo habits. 

Katherine Brooke-MacKenzie is an experienced colon hydrotherapist and holistic gut health specialist.

She’s an international best-selling author and speaker on the subject of holistic gut health and runs the Healthy Gut Clinic located in the south west of England.

Katherine was initially trained at the National College of Holistic Medicine by Dr. Milo Siewert MD (Mex) in 2005, with a further study completed at the European School of Colon Hydrotherapy.

She has a BA (Hons) Degree in Traditional Five Element Acupuncture and has studied Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Her empowering healing journey has inspired many people to have the guts to live an authentic and naturally healthy life in line with their innate gut feelings and intuition.

For 16 years Katherine has worked with men and women at the business end of the human digestive process and has changed lives as a result of her knowledge and solutions.

At The Healthy Gut Clinic, the fully qualified, insured, and multi-skilled therapists understand completely the level of embarrassment that is often associated with discussing gut health, which includes issues like constipation, bloating, IBS, and even mental health and mood disorders.

The high level of professionalism, genuine care, and extensive knowledge of various treatments have allowed The Healthy Gut Clinic to become a valuable resource within their industry enabling clients to take back their health, comfort and confidence in a safe and respectful way.

The services that Katherine offers at The Healthy Gut Clinic, and specializes in, are a unique blend of highly effective techniques. They include colonics, a gut microbiome reset programme, online gut health consultations, nutritional support and Nutrigenetic DNA testing. 

Recognizing the dire need to pay more attention to what is happening in the gut in order to strengthen our immunity and make our bodies more resilient to viruses, Katherine put her education and passion to use and on May 19th will release her new book entitled Let That Sh*t Go!: 31 Things to Do If You Want a Better Poo

Autoimmune difficulties are increasing every year and many times the origin of these issues stems from gut health.

In addition, mental health challenges and mood disorders are linked to poor gut health as well. The days of suffering in silence are a thing of the past. It’s time to cut the crap and talk crap instead!

In Let That Sh*t Go!: 31 Things to Do If You Want a Better Poo, Katherine uses humour to soften the blow of uncomfortable topics and shares her perspective and proven strategies that will help individuals learn about their innate healing power and how to support themselves with better decisions leading to overall well-being. 

Here are what others have to say about Let That Sh*t Go!: 31 Things to Do If You Want a Better Poo:

  • ’Let That Sh*t Go!‘ is one of those books that everyone needs to read if they want to understand the influence their gut has on their life and health.” – Joe Vitale, NY Times Bestselling Author, and Featured Teacher from the hit movie, “The Secret” 
  • “In a forthright yet heartfelt way, ‘Let That Sh*t Go!‘ delivers the important message that taking care of your colon should not be at the bottom of your priority list.” – Linda Booth, Naturopath, Registered Colon Hydrotherapist, and Founder of “Just For Tummies” 
  • “This book gives you a fresh perspective and practical tools to improve your gut health.” – Bob Proctor, New York Times Bestselling Author, World-Renowned Speaker, and Featured Teacher from the hit movie, “The Secret”

The ultimate goal is to have a healthy, fully functioning gut which is fundamental to the health of the whole being.

This resource will help make #2 a #1 priority and will be a game-changer for improving gut function, confidence, and overall quality of life. Available on Amazon and at The Healthy Gut Clinic, in both paperback and Kindle edition, Let That Sh*t Go!: 31 Things to Do If You Want a Better Poo, is available for bathroom reading beginning May 19th!

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