Katherine Loranger is featured in the Inspirational #1 International Best-Selling Book, Short Sweet & Sacred

 Roswell, GA   Short Sweet & Sacred: 52 Uplifting Stories from Life Coaches Who Overcame and Moved from Stuck to Success rocketed to the top of the best seller lists in a number of categories in multiple countries including the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, France, Australia and more.

Author Katherine Loranger shares her story along with other life coaches in this beautiful book designed to give the reader a quick dose of inspiration.

Short Sweet & Sacred showcases a variety of topics including marriage, death, divorce, illness, self-discovery, career changes, victory for minorities, mental health, divine timings and more.

Through these inspirational and authentic collection of international stories, readers will gain insight from soulful professionals who discover their dream career, find courage after divorce, walk through grief, celebrate victories as a minority, navigate their mental health, find true love, experience miraculous shifts in health, and everything in between.

The book was designed for readers to discover through these stories that they can design a life that brings joy, no matter what they may be walking through.

Short Sweet & Sacred: 52 Uplifting Stories from Life Coaches Who Overcame and Moved from Stuck to Success is available on Amazon.com

About Katherine Loranger

 Transformational Life Coach and founder of Katalyst Coaching, Katherine Loranger asserts to the bold and determined that life is theirs for the taking.

For over 25 years, Katherine has been driven to spark lasting, heartfelt transformation for fearless and fierce souls in process–working to research, study, and implement results-oriented principles and programs to incredible success.

Through her evocative and expertly-guided series of vision building and life mastery classes and workshops, heart-centered entrepreneurs, organizational leaders, and dreamers learn to realign their efforts and energies with their soul’s purpose to design, build, and realize their wildest fantasies—igniting a world of limitless possibilities and changing the trajectory of their lives, their businesses, and their relationships for the better.

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