Keith Hatchett Is Extremely Grateful To Be Nominated For “The Volunteer Of The Year Award” By Kate Linder At the eZWay Wall of Fame Awards Golden Gala On September 26, 2020

Tennessee “The Volunteer State”
Keith Woods Hatchett was born May 16th, 1961, in Nashville, Tennessee. His natural mother, Patricia Clark, had to give him to the State of Tennessee as she could not financially take care of him. She requested he is put in a Christian home. When this happened, the State of Tennessee became his first parents! Keith now wishes to say, “Thank you for taking care of me for nine weeks! Thank you also for choosing my adoptive parents Jim and Elease Hatchett, for me. They were angels and gave me a great life. They taught me to care for others and to be a good boy. Today I want to say thanks to Tennessee & the U.S. Government for approving this charity”.

Jim & Elease Hatchett
Keith especially wants to thank Jim & Elease Hatchett for adopting him and giving him a chance to make it in life. “I want to thank Mom for all the ballgames she took me to and practices. For the washing of my clothes, helping me with my homework, and all the countless other things, I want to say thank you to Dad; you worked yourself hard for 50 years to take care of us. That is why I created The Elease Project in memory of my mother and father that taught me the true meaning of giving back and paying it forward.”

The Elease Project is a uniquely designed charity to help people survive, thrive, and to make it no matter what circumstantial problems come their way through challenging times and has helped over 45 families already in a short time.

The Ten PALS (section) of The Elease Project is unique in structure.
A potential donor can donate to The Elease Project, and their money is equally divided into ten categories.
1. DentalPAL- (Dental)
2. MedicalPAL- (Medical)
3. MissionPAL- (Homeless People)
4. PovertyPAL- (Section 8 – Disabled People – People that are overwhelmed with debt)
5. MissionaryPAL- (Missionaries – Preachers)
6. AthletePAL- (Athletes)
7. ImmigrationPAL- (Immigrants – Families of Immigrants)
8. ForeclosurePAL- (Saves individuals Houses from foreclosure)
9. AdoptionPAL- (Protects Animals – Elderly People – Children)
10. PrisonPAL- (Prison Ministries)

The Elease Projects Mission Statement & Core Beliefs Are:

  • If you help The Elease Project with your time and donations that we can make both the Democratic and Republican people and all others in between great Americans again.
  • We can stop wrongful foreclosures. (ForeclosurePAL)
  • We can restore families by stopping wrongful deportations. (ImmigrationPAL)
  • They can get the price down and the benefits up at the same time in the area of healthcare through a process of re-insurance. (MedicalPAL)
  • This charity can cover what dental insurance does not cover so that dental care is affordable and does not bankrupt our people in America (DentalPAL)
  • Athletes can be protected from corruption during their lifetime, all while getting an education that includes an offense and a defense that protects the athletes both on and off the field or court. (AthletePAL)
  • Section 8 Housing/Disabled people can be funded to make it from the beginning of each month to the 3rd of the following month without starving and being broke. (PovertyPAL)
  • Homeless people can get insurance, clothing, haircuts, food, education, and counseling to stay off drugs and alcohol to become restored citizens. (MissionPAL)
  • Churches, including community churches, can spend more money to help those in need. Instead of building massive church buildings, they can fund Bible schools that produce more preachers, and they can provide more money to missionaries that preach the word of God, which in turn saves souls around the world. (MissionaryPAL)
  • Animals can be saved, rescued, and placed with families to give them caring homes. I believe that older people should never be abandoned and left alone in isolation, which leads to depression and, finally, death. I believe that the elderly can be treated with first-class care and protected from physical and financial abuse. (AdoptionPAL)
  • People in jail and prisons, for the most part, are there for preventable reasons. I believe this program will prevent prisoners from going back to prison a second time. The program will teach the fundamentals of the Bible that will change lives forever & can significantly reduce crime & the jail/prison population while simultaneously increasing the good people population, saving states & counties millions of dollars. (PrisonPAL)
  • Most importantly, they believe we can run this charity. It will be the most successful charity ever because we are immigration experts, foreclosure experts, homeless caregiver experts, missionary/preacher support experts, experts for the guidance of athletes, medical experts, dental experts, poverty elimination experts, prison ministry experts, and animal and elderly person care, experts.
  • God created all of us at The Elease Project and gifted us with abnormal abilities. They believe their group was born to help others in all these different categories.
  • You will be blessed if you take action in whatever way you can. The Elease Project is where you should donate your money, time, and effort as it took nine years to complete this project with blood, sweat, tears, and money to do it right.

The Elease Project is the first charity ever approved in the United States that allows a donor to donate, pick out a specific person & their problem & the money is guaranteed to go there. The problem is solved, all while getting a tax deduction off of their gross income to do it.

There over 45 families that Keith has saved through The Elease Project so far, all with his own money. Now you can help someone you specifically know and get a tax deduction, to do this is a game-changer in the world of charitable giving!!

For more information and to donate to The Elease Program, go to

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