Kinetic Parking Solutions Announces Innovative Bicycle Ramp for Stairs

In collaboration with LO MINCK MOBILITY BV based in the Netherlands, the VELOCOMFORT® is a truly advanced solution that enables cyclists to conquer the hardest place to access for bikes: stairs!

The VELOCOMFORT® helps cyclists ascend and descend a staircase by assisting on the way up the stairs and slowing and controlling the speed of the bicycle on the way down. The cyclist simply places the tires of their bicycle in the VELOCOMFORT® “groove” and gently pushes the wheel forward as the patented conveyor belt effectively pulls the bike UP for the cyclist. Going down the stairs, the cyclist places the tires inside the VELOCOMFORT® on the opposite side of the staircase, and the patented integrated brush decelerates the bicycle on the way down.

As more and more American cities are committing to making cycling safer, they are also increasing bicycle infrastructure to make cycling more accessible to riders of all ages and levels. For example, before VELOCOMFORT®, very few cyclists would attempt to carry their bicycle up a set of stairs. Now, this solution makes it simple for cyclists of any age and ability.

This video demonstrates how easy it is for cyclists to navigate stairs:

This proven solution is common in the Netherlands & many other countries around the world and has been recognized as the standard in the esteemed CROW Design Platform. While the rest of the world thinks of this design as common solution to an everyday issue, it is virtually unheard of in the United States. Until now!

The VELOCOMFORT® is truly the most innovative micro-mobility product to hit the North American market since the e-bike, and its impact is similar in that the e-bike also offers a cycling experience to people who may otherwise not be able to access it. This is an incredibly effective micro-mobility solution that can be installed over any staircase or steep ramp, indoors or outdoors. From office buildings to shopping centers to public transportation hubs, the VELOCOMFORT® will change the bicycle infrastructure landscape.

Elco Gauw, President of Kinetic Parking Solutions, Inc., said: “VELOCOMFORT® is impressive technology and the leading authentic micro-mobility infrastructure enabler I have ever seen. We are thrilled to bring this to the United States. We look forward to representing Lo Minck Mobility in North America and we are excited about the future of our partnership.”

Kinetic Parking Solutions, based in Washington, USA, is a full-service company that designs, supplies, and installs bicycle parking and micro-mobility solutions. Some of their current clients include the City of Los Angeles, City of Long Beach, Texas A & M University, Alliance Residential, Turner Construction, and numerous others across North America.

Lo Minck Mobility BV is a unique technical engineering firm based in the Netherlands that focuses on the development, production and sale of innovative product solutions in the field of Mobility. Lo Minck Mobility is a no-nonsense company that offers technical customization for specific challenges.

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