Kurt Owen, Owner of Kurt Owen Marketing Reveals How To Generate Leads For Home Services Businesses On The Trust Factor Radio

On a recent episode of The Trust Factor Radio with Neil Howe, Kurt Owen, Owner of Kurt Owen Marketing, discussed How To Generate Leads For Home Services Businesses.

According to Owen, Leads are the lifeblood of home service businesses and there needs to be a system in place to generate leads on demand.

Kurt and his team help business owners generate leads profitably in the home services & real estate industry. This includes roofing companies, solar installers, general contracting services such as HVAC, real estate agents, investors, and mortgage professionals. 

Owen, said “Home service business owners often don’t understand digital marketing and the technical side of generating leads. They are looking for someone to outsource lead generation who has a proven system in place to guarantee results.”

When host Neil Howe asked, “What problems do home services businesses encounter when trying to generate leads for themselves online?” Owen answered, “Many home services business owners get stuck in the technical aspect of setting up a lead generation system that works. They need to learn how to create profitable funnels as well as master the advertising platforms and most of them don’t have the time to do all that themselves with all the trial and error involved. They are looking for a proven system that will accelerate their results without wasting their time and money.”

During the Interview Owen shared the benefits of paid advertising for local services businesses versus other forms of advertising, explaining, “The benefit of paid advertising is that the results are very fast. With traditional Search Engine Optimization for local businesses, results can take months. With paid advertising, once the system is set up, you can switch it on or off depending on the number of leads you can handle. It is important to have a team in place to be able to handle all the leads our system is able to generate. We also have a system to manage and nurture the leads we generate so the business owners are only dealing with high-quality leads and not wasting time on the tire kickers.”

Kurt Owen Marketing is based in Orlando, Florida, and has been generating thousands of leads for home services business, real estate, and mortgage businesses with their proven track record. Their client testimonials prove that their system works to generate revenue. Solar client, Eric Weerstra said, “Kurt made the entire process very easy and simple to operate. I wish I had hired him sooner. My ads began to pay off within a day of launching my ad page. It makes other aspects of life much easier when you have traffic coming to you for a consultation. Frees up a lot of time to focus on other tasks. I also look forward to continuing using Kurt’s services as my business grows.”

The interview concluded with Owen saying “We offer a 10 solid opportunities guarantee in the first 30 days for each of our clients backed by a full refund OR we offer to work for free until they get those 10 opportunities. So for roofing, for example, it’s 10 solid estimates within those first 30 days. For this reason, we are also very selective about who we choose to work with because we actually lose a significant amount of money if we don’t fulfill our promise. Therefore we host interviews with any potential clients to ensure that we are only working with clients who are ready to take massive action and do the work necessary to be successful taking their business to the next level.”

To listen to the full interview on The Trust Factor Radio, visit https://businessinnovatorsradio.com/kurt-owen-how-to-generate-leads-for-home-services-businesses

To learn more about Kurt Owen, please visit https://www.kurtowenmarketing.com

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