Lauren A. Cohen, Esq. Launches New e-Council, Inc. Website For Investors Seeking To Expand Internationally

Lauren A. Cohen, Esq., a turnkey International Legal Expert and Cross-Border Specialist. Cohen helps clients strategically plan their process for cross-border expansion while walking them through every step needed in order to create a smooth transition into new international business locations while avoiding costly pitfalls.

On the new website, e-Council, Inc. is offering an e-book, “Don’t be AFRAID of Going Global – Avoid Getting BURNED! Top 10 Tips to Expand Your Business & Increase Your Profits Internationally!” for real estate investors and business owners considering expansion to identify the steps that they need to take in order to smoothly and profitably grow their business in a new location, new country and within a new culture.

“There’s no set plan or set agenda, diagram, schematic, or infographic that simply tells everyone in every situation exactly what to do and how to expand internationally.“ Cohen said. “It’s not a ‘one size fits all’ fix, and to be successful at it you must bring in the right team of professionals to customize a plan that is right for you and your business and goals. Going global is a really big deal, no matter how big or small your global plans are, and there are a multitude of complex moving parts to consider. This is why it’s very important to work with professionals that truly ‘get it’ to develop a customized plan to put in place before you start the process.”

Cohen works with many realtors, real estate investors and business owners seeking to expand their global footprint, particularly across North America. Born in Toronto, Cohen is a dual citizen, bi-national lawyer and realtor with a background in real estate investment strategies, business structure, scaling and success plans. Cohen boasts many years of experience with creating global expansion plans designed to help them achieve their lofty goals.

To get a copy of Cohen’s e-book, “Don’t be AFRAID of Going Global – Avoid Getting BURNED! Top 10 Tips to Expand Your Business & Increase Your Profits Internationally!” visit:

Cohen is passionate about creating teams of experts and professionals to guide businesses step-by-step through the many faceted process of international business expansion. Her experience has allowed her to guide companies, investors and entrepreneurs through expansions spanning multiple countries and cultures business and legal environments. “I find creative solutions enabling business owners to live, work and play around the world,” Cohen added.

About Lauren Cohen

Lauren Cohen is an International Lawyer and Cross-Border Expert. She is also a global realtor, best-selling author and sought-after speaker. Clients hire Lauren to protect their businesses and revenues and avoid costly challenges while expanding domestically and internationally. She is the only globally-acclaimed turnkey legal advisor who’s passionate about protecting the heart and soul of clients’ businesses, helping them invest, live, work and play anywhere in the world. Lauren oversees all aspects of otherwise challenging processes, holding clients’ hands every step of the way, creating win-win protocols designed to avoid stress and delays.

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