Lauren A. Cohen, Esq. – Turnkey International Legal Expert And Global Funding Strategist – Businesses Must Pivot Or Perish

“Pivot or your business will perish!” said Lauren A. Cohen, Esq., a turnkey International Legal Expert and Global Funding Strategist, in a recent webinar helping business owners, investors and entrepreneurs learn more about the options available to them during the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world is dealing with the ramifications of the virus shutdowns, business owners are gathering together to hear from Cohen with strategies on how to stay open, prepare for an unknown future and create a plan of action to come out of this crisis even stronger and more resilient than before.

Cohen explained, “Right now at e-Council, Inc., we are focused on helping online and offline businesses understand the critical importance of addressing their immediate funding needs so that they can prevent perishing and ensure a sound and solid foundation from which to grow globally through COVID-19 and beyond. We are committed to helping business owners, investors and entrepreneurs navigate these touch times so that they can come out on the other side with a solid plan for success.”

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Learn more or register for “How to Cut the Red Tape to Access Government Money Fast” at: If you cannot attend this scheduled webinar, contact Cohen directly to explore other options.

Cohen explained, “It is incredibly important to be forward thinking in this environment, now is the time to be pivoting your business to make sense and be relevant in this new world!” According to Cohen, one of the best things that businesses can do during turbulent times is to be ready and willing to change to meet the needs of the market, and to use their time to develop a network of experts that become their support team, helping the business navigate these times of change rather than “going it alone.”

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“My superpower rests in finding creative, attainable solutions enabling business owners to live, work and play around the world,” Cohen added. “Especially during times of crisis, I think it is important to be willing to change and to be proactively meeting the changing business environment, rather than wringing your hands and hiding your head in the sand.”

About Lauren A. Cohen, Esq.

A licensed attorney in the U.S. and Canada, Lauren Cohen is widely recognized as an International Legal Expert and Global Funding Strategist. Clients hire Cohen as a turnkey service provider committed to protecting the soul of their businesses and revenues and to avoid costly challenges while expanding domestically and internationally. Cohen is the only globally-acclaimed and dually-licensed lawyer who’s passionate about working with successful business owners, investors, coaches, speakers, authors, experts and event planners that are scaling internationally. She oversees all aspects of otherwise challenging processes, holding clients’ hands every step of the way. Cohen creates win-win protocols designed to avoid stress and delays while expanding so that you can live, work and play anywhere in the world.

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