Learn Secrets on Presenting With Impact from Marketing and TEDx Speaking Expert Minnie Von

By now, the majority of the tech-savvy population knows about TED Speakers and is aware that these fortunate individuals are nominated, and selected, to give a captivating 18-minute speech about any number of topics. The key is, for the topic to be thought provoking and relevant, and the person must be dynamic and know how to deliver a great speech! Sounds easy enough…but that’s not always the case. 

Minnie Von Mallinckrodt-Grant is the founder of Minnie Von Coaching, a women-owned communications consultancy providing in-person and remote training, coaching, and consulting for entrepreneurs, experts and executives who desire having greater influence and impact on their audiences whether that be driving employee performance, acquiring clients, or influencing the board and multiple stakeholders to adopt their ideas to increase growth, performance, or sales.

What sets Minnie Von Coaching Minnie apart from other similar businesses is Minnie has worked in global sales and marketing for top MedTech companies helping grow multi-million pound portfolios, launching new products and managing lucrative contracts. Since 2016 she has also been a TEDx curator selecting and coaching speakers to amass tens of thousands, to millions, of views of their talks. Minnie understands marketing, selling and presenting and has helped many of her clients grow their business and personal brand equity through being featured in TED, the HuffPost, BBC, ITV and other major press and news platforms.  Many have used their newfound confidence to start new businesses, win new clients, plan events that have generated high-quality leads and helped them to close lucrative sales pitches on their first presentations. Minnie has since become a part of the Mrs. India UK Professional Pageants where she helps empower women to make positive change in the world through being a role model. 

Minnie is a visionary coach who helped me craft my story and speech prior to presenting my TEDx project in 2018.  She also coached me to articulate my key message in a simple yet powerful way allowing me to connect with a diverse audience.  She is professional, reliable, caring, ethical and to-the-point.  She can visualize the ‘talk’ in advance and help create it.  She is a talented, rare individual to work with.  I highly recommend her work, and believe she is a force to recon with in any industry.  For any professional, executive, leader or business owner who desires stepping up their game in presenting and public speaking, and is eager to obtain skills enabling them to command the room, Minnie is the perfect coach.  Thank you, Minnie, we are very honored to have the opportunity to work with you on this critical health project.” Ayla Annac, CEO /President, InvivoSciences, Inc.

At Minnie Von Coaching, they have a qualified team of coaches specializing in leadership and marketing communications with each associate having over 20 years of experience in their fields. They also provide specialized assistance in areas including speaking confidence, media training, visual presentations for innovative ideas, and executive presence and communications in both the creative and STEM-focused industries. What all associates have in common is they are highly capable of rapidly growing their clients’ individual brands and have a tremendous gift for leveraging each person’s inner voice to propel them to the next level. Whether clients need a broad approach or more personalized methods they learn to harness their personality and expertise into captivating communications that challenge the audience to think differently in order to grow. 

Minnie Von Coaching offers free resources to help individuals improve speaking skills and grow their impact. Learn more about how Minnie Von Coaching can help, and access the free 45-minute training on how to leverage speaking to grow impact and income.   From 5th-9th July there will be a free 5-day program detailing how to get a TED talk .

Minnie began her company with a vision of a world where every voice is heard, valued and can make contribution.  She knows what it means to be a great leader, and through her business, she hopes to inspire people to use their voice and bring to life big ideas, lofty goals, and their wildest dreams. Through the power of public speaking, storytelling and strategic marketing and sales client will surely feel armed with the proper tools to grow their audience, business, and imagination. 



Minnie Von Mallinckrodt-Grant has an honours degree in microbiology and biochemistry, is an MCIM qualified marketer, is a trained singer and dancer and holds LAMDA certification. She had a 15-year career in sales and global marketing managing multi-million-pound product portfolios for the top MedTech organisations including Johnson & Johnson and Abbott Labs. She decided to pivot, in her career path and founded Minnie Von Coaching. Minnie realized she had a strong desire to make an impact in the careers of other business owners and leaders, corporate teams, authors, speakers, and individuals yearning to further their impact through sharing their ideas to create greater impact. Minnie has been Head Curator for TEDx and mentors Professional Business Women for the Mrs. India UK Professional Pageant where she helps women create strong personal brands and have confidence in their voice to make positive change in the world through being a role model. 

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