Learn to Harness Power Through Challenging Times with Marcia Martin

Before founding Marcia Martin Productions, LLC (MMP) she was co-founding member and Senior VP of Erhard Seminars Training (est), now recognized as the Landmark Forum, the largest personal education company in the world. While a part of this organization, Martin was personally mentored by innovative, academic thinker Werner Erhard for 10 years in the art and technology of Self Transformation and Human Development. Martin was instrumental in the growth of est from inception to a multi-million dollar, high-performing company producing millions of graduates across the globe. 

Throughout her life, Martin has been mentored by some of the most distinguished minds of our time, including Buckminster Fuller, Warren Bennis, Jerry Weintraub, Werner Erhard, Swami Muktananda, and Ida Rolf. Fortunately for many, Martin then used this knowledge to train, and coach, executives from top industries including Hard Rock Hotels International, Warner Bros., Capital One, McCain Foods, Dannon Yogurt, Evian Water and InterContinental Hotels Worldwide. And if that wasn’t enough, Martin has also been asked to consult, train and coach some of the most world-renowned thought leaders, and authors, of our time including Jack CanfieldTony RobbinsLynne TwistT. Harv Ecker and Robert T. Kiyosaki.

Equipped with 25 years of experience, Marcia Martin formed Marcia Martin Productions, LLC, an executive training firm that offers corporate training programs and executive coaching in leadership, communication, public speaking, championship performance, mindset reset, relationship skills and business expansion. Martin, who operates as the CEO, serves as the Chief Trainer and Coach. The mission of MMP is to change the mindset of individuals, who see the lives they’ve created as being stagnant, and instead educate them on how to break through intimidating barriers, to unlock their full potential. Martin believes each individual has a personal power that, if accessed and harnessed properly, can be used to make a monumental difference in life and in career.

Martin’s focus is geared towards the everyday entrepreneurial companies, and Fortune 1000 corporations, who are interested in creating an aligned team, and a work culture, that promotes and delivers sustainable business models that not only provide internal growth but also allow individuals to make a noticeable imprint in the world.

What makes MMP so unique is their strategies, for one. They work from the inside out. They teach individuals to first harness the inner power, that exists in everyone, and they teach the Laws of Implementation to produce “champion results.” The organization provides executive training and coaching programs in leadership, communication and championship performance. In addition, they offer one-on-one coaching for individuals in life skills and in leadership skills. MMP’s services can be aligned with, and expand the results of, other training companies and coaching platforms. Bringing over 50 years of working in the Human Potential Transformational Industry, MMP brings a unique, competitive edge, that inspires free-thinking, innovation and fun, to the entire process.

“Marcia’s courses are engaging, thought provoking, and extremely valuable. Her ideas are full of deep common sense, and she has an exquisite and artistic process of getting a person to see in new ways, and address the patterns that may be ineffective in life. She is a magician, and she changed my life for the better.” – Phil Ross, CEO EnerINTEL Global Energy Company & Mastery Development Group International

As we currently find ourselves in unprecedented times, it is more important than ever to learn to fully control our inner power and understand the value in using it, to our advantage! Martin’s commitment to creating leaders, and sharing her experiences to do so, is truly what has made her the industry icon she is today.

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