“LeasePAL Making Apartments More Affordable For Renters & More Profitable for Property Owners”, Featured Article In Small Business Trendsetters Magazine With Keith Hatchett, CEO & Founder Of LeasePAL

In this article with Small Business Trendsetters, Keith Hatchett, CEO, and Founder of LeasePAL shares how he combined two of America’s largest markets, Residential Rental Real Estate and Insurance. LeasePAL makes apartments more affordable for the renters & more profitable for the property owners, thus eliminating security deposits & the need to collect the last month’s rent on the move-in day, and also provides renters Insurance.


  • It eliminates security deposits entirely
  • LeasePAL’s Insurance Program always saves the prospective renter 50% off their move-in cost as opposed to the traditional security deposit program
  • Renters can invest these savings into a tax-free retirement program through their System
  • Includes Liability Insurance
  • Includes a Credit Score Forbearance Agreement
  • Boosts CREDIT SCORE thru unique OneTouch RPS (Rent Payment System)
  • LeasePAL Market Scraper eases renting from LeasePAL Owners.
  • Matches Residents to Properties
  • Enjoy superior insurance benefits, including Involuntary Unemployment Protection
  • Improves their Credit Scores with on-time rent payments
  • Creates cooperative non-adversarial relationships with their Property Owners
  • Provides a no-hassle experience on the lease expiration move out day


  • LeasePAL costs Property Owners NOTHING!
  • Increases Occupancy! (With only a 1% increase in occupancy, it increases property value by $3,000 per unit. Based upon $1800.00 monthly rent)
  • Owner’s Subsidy provides a legal way to pay for normal wear and tear
  • Insurance reimburses filing fees at the courthouse for evictions
  • Reduces the cost of master liability insurance coverage
  • Eliminates the need for Owner concessions
  • Consolidates HO4 renter’s insurance
  • Reduces administration costs
  • Eliminates security deposits
  • Insurance that protects against skips, evictions, abandonment, non-pays, and damages


  • Triple Paycheck Program
  • Streamlined Technology System (Simplified Auto-Fill Process)
  • Bonus Rewards Program
  • Management Promotion Program
  • Health Insurance Benefits Package Bonus Program
  • State Of The Art Technology Enrollment System (LeasePAL’s
    Academy Training School)
  • Production Rewards Program (Quarterly Trips)
  • Business Interruption Insurance Program
  • Tax-Free Retirement Program (Top Producers)

LeasePAL’s Unique Business Method Enrollment Process:
LeasePAL’s enrollment process begins with the leasing agent at the rental property electronically completing LeasePAL’s standardized paperwork that allows the renter to move in 75% cheaper on the move-in day due to LeasePAL’s Deposit Exemption Insurance Policy.

Also, after paying LeasePAL’s onetime membership fee, the leasing agent then transfers the paperwork electronically to the property and casualty licensed insurance agent’s office at LeasePAL’s call center headquarters. The property and casualty agent at LeasePAL then collects the money (1/2 months rent) and pays the renter’s insurance policy and deposit exemption policy for the year. This allows the renter to experience insurance protection with no monthly premium payments related to the insurance policies. In summary, residents join LeasePAL after enrolling as a member with an onetime annual membership fee; then, they pay only the first month’s rent to the owner and an onetime half month’s rent payment fee to LeasePAL.

Starting in month two, the renter simply pays the rent to the owner using LeasePAL’s Mobile App. This technology allows the renter to pay their rent with a push of a button, and the renter’s membership in LeasePAL provides credit reporting for on-time lease payments.

Most rental units in the United States do not report to the credit bureaus. It is not fair that prospective renters get their credit scores pulled as part of the approval process but yet do not get credit when paying their monthly rental lease payments to landlord property owners. LeasePAL’s unique membership program rights this wrong and is a massive benefit for renters so that they can move to the next level of their life into homeownership by possessing an excellent credit score.

Benefits Of LeasePAL’s Integrated Member Process Technology:

  • Advanced Payment System Benefits Owners & Residents
  • LeasePAL’s System can interconnect to all property owner systems.
  • Advertising – Attract & Screen model residents
  • Lease Application is integrated into the LeasePAL process.
  • Security & Loss Prevention
  • Banking, Insurance and Underwriting Networks
  • ERP/Accounting/Business Process
  • Mobile Apps Reduce Loss
  • Improve Inspection Documentation
  • Residents Find Units, Make Payments, Receive Alerts
  • LeasePAL’s World Class User Platform
  • Leasing Agents will Love LeasePAL’s Systems.
  • Find it Easier to Present and Enroll Residents.
  • Property Owner’s LeasePAL Benefits Transferred Instantly
  • Guides Residents to LeasePAL Properties
  • Makes Finding A New Place Fun
  • Advanced Technology, Network & Delivery
  • Service-Oriented Architecture
  • Integrating LeasePAL’s New Paradigm Market Scraper =
    SMART Opportunity

For more information, visit LeasePAL.com or email KeithHatchett@LeasePal.com.

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