Lilian Lum Mbah shortlisted as a finalist for the Richmond Hill Board of Trade Young Professional Entrepreneur Award.

Entrepreneur, Lilian Lum Mbah, is on the shortlist as a finalist for the Richmond Hill Board of Trade – Young Professional / Entrepreneur Award.

Lum Mbah‘s company, Divine Favour Senior Homecare (DFSH) provides value through offering in-home care services to seniors in their homes. With their team of qualified caregivers, they provide care in activities of daily living such as bathing, feeding, toileting, grooming and instrumental activities of daily living such as meal preparation, communication, transportation to and from social and doctor appointments. This is done in the private homes of seniors, or in retirement homes and long-term care facilities. Services are also available in hospital or hospice settings. They also provide qualified personal support workers (PSW) and certified nurses to retirement residences and long term care facilities in York Region in times of emergencies or shortages.

“I was positively flabbergasted when I got the email of my nomination. It was mind blowing indeed! For me to know that my work is being noticed in the community is the best thing ever!” said Lum Mbah regarding the award nomination.

When asked why she started the homecare company, Lum Mbah responded, “I had a call to homecare. After having gone through the pain of watching my deceased Mom go through her battle with cancer, I am committed to helping improve the lives of seniors and individuals with disabilities in their homes for as long as possible.”

The Globe and Mail recently stated; “The world’s population is aging, and so is ours. This decade, Canada is projected to join the ranks of other superaged countries such as Italy and Japan; by 2026, more than 20 percent of our population is estimated to be 65 years and older, the majority of whom will be women. Aging affects all of us. We are either currently in this group, providing care for someone in this group or will eventually be in this group ourselves.”

Joanne Witt, owner of Snapd Richmond Hill, was inspired by Lum Mbah’s work in the senior sector and made the decision to nominate her for this prestigious award. 

Winners will be announced at the Business Achievement Awards on March 5, 2020. Contact the Richmond Hill Board of Trade for all info on this award.

The demand for care, respect and dignity for seniors is growing rapidly due to the demographics and aging population, and Divine Favour Senior Home Care will service that need.

Lum Mbah said, “Divine Favour Senior Home Care is growing and expanding. We understand the severe need for care to the vulnerable and weak in our community. We are open to anyone in need of services to contact us immediately.”

For more information on Lilian Lum Mbah and the Divine Favour Senior Home Care team should please visit or call Phone: 647 766 5394 






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