Love & Relationship Coach Emmy Hernandez featured in the #1 Internationally Best-Selling Book “Women Who Lead”

Love & Relationship Coach Emmy Hernandez is pleased to announce her collaboration as a VIP Contributor in the #1 Internationally Best-Selling Book “Women Who Lead,” offering timeless life, career, and business secrets from inspiring women around the world now available for sale with worldwide shipping.

As an international speaker, workshop facilitator, and #1 bestseller author featured on Forbes and Thrive Global, Emmy Hernandez helps single, successful women ready to heal their past with romantic relationships, wanting to attract their Soulmate. She also helps power couples who are struggling with keeping their passion and intimacy in their relationship.

“I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life. My clients light my Soul’s purpose on fire. I will be doing this work until my dying breath,” states Emmy Hernandez.

In the book, the love and relationship expert shares action steps to get you into the energy of it and call in your divine Soulmate, with valuable tips and ideas on how to successfully heal your past and move to the next phase of your life to attract your love.

“You are not broken. You don’t need fixing. I’m here to support anyone ready to massively up-level their lives in all areas, including love, money, and health.  Everything is connected, and I work at a deep frequency level with my clients,” affirms Emmy Hernandez.

As for her clients, the love expert prides herself on how she is able to take a very holistic approach to each and every client, meeting them exactly where they are. Certified in various healing techniques and brain rewiring modalities, Emmy Hernandez relies on scientifically proven methods to make massive changes in her client’s life.

“Emmy taught me the importance of how to understand and implement Masculine and Feminine energy, and thanks to her, I have met my Soulmate, and we’re now planning our lives together,” confirms one of her clients, L.C.

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About Emmy Hernandez

As an executive-level love and relationship coach, international speaker, workshop facilitator, and bestseller author, Emmy Hernandez started her business by offering a free group program to 12 ladies that wanted to meet their Soulmates. Graduated from UC Berkeley, Emmy is the first person in her family to graduate from University. She is also certified in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Superconscious Recodes, and Male vs. Female Brain communications. Emmy Hernandez is also the author of 8 Steps to Attracting Soulmate love, launched in 2020.

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