Lyssa Wales And Sheila Galligan Of Big Picture Podcasting Launch ‘Podcast Pro Guesting’ Series

Wales and Galligan coaches the ins and outs of podcasting including podcast guesting, production, and basic podcast marketing. According to Galligan, “It’s a fast paced 8-week course that not only gets them booked on eight targeted podcasts, but also teaches them the tools and skills they need to consistently get booked on podcasts again and again.” Wales added, “We are also hosting our first summit in May called ‘Podcast Pro Summit: Podcasting Helps Me…’ with over 20 speakers.” The virtual summit will be held May 4th-8th, 2020.

“We believe that each person has a unique message and an equally unique person who needs to hear that message. Our goal is to help them get their message out there so it can reach the person or people that it’s meant to reach,” Galligan said.

Wales added, “What most people don’t understand with podcast guesting is it’s not about you, it’s about the value that you can provide to a podcast’s audience. Always think of it as ‘how can my message provide insight, value, or help to someone’ instead of ‘How can this podcast provide value to me and my business/goals?’.”

The two mid-west gals have a passion for helping others get their story heard. Wales and Galligan create magic within the podcast world through their “big picture” A-Z podcasting services. They help clients with everything from guesting and getting booked, to launching & producing and even sponsorships and monetization.

About Sheila Galligan

Sheila Galligan, co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting and co-host of the “Quit Your Pitching” podcast, is a multi-talented podcast pitch perfector. With years of podcast pitching experience and the success of landing 100s of podcast guesting spots her clients rave about how podcast guesting has taken their business to the next level.

About Lyssa Wales

Lyssa Wales, co-founder of Big Picture Podcasting and co-host of the “Quit Your Pitching” podcast, is a podcast producer and promoter. Her expertise in podcast production and marketing has helped over 50 new podcasters create the podcast of their dreams. Her clients have created podcasts that reach hundreds of thousands of listeners.

Together, Lyssa and Sheila help entrepreneurs get their story out there. They believe each person has a unique story to tell and an equally unique person who needs to hear their message. With a combined 20 years of experience, having booked over 1500 interviews since 2011, and having found success through podcasts themselves, Sheila and Lyssa know the value podcasts can provide. Their goal is to help clients create success with podcasts and relationship building.

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