M2 Advisory Launches Groundbreaking Platform to Enhance Financial Health and Empower Business Owners

Marleen Somohardjo Strategist and Financial Management Advisor at M2 Advisory

M2 Advisory, a leading strategy management consultancy firm specialising in delivering comprehensive solutions within the financial sector, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative platform aimed at improving business performance and fostering financial health. 

With this groundbreaking development, M2 Advisory seeks to empower entrepreneurs, CFOs, and business owners to take control of their financial viability and achieve long-term success.

Founded by Marleen Somohardjo, a seasoned strategist and financial management advisor, M2 Advisory brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the table. Marleen, who holds a master’s degree in Business Economics and began her career at KPMG, has spent the last 15 years developing and implementing program management strategies and governance solutions for financial and risk management. Her commitment to efficiency, effectiveness, and transformational growth led her to create a platform that revolutionises the end-to-end experience, fosters financial literacy, and empowers business leaders to regain control of their performance.

At the heart of M2 Advisory’s product offering is a cutting-edge platform designed to measure and improve financial health. This platform serves as a comprehensive decision-making tool, enabling business owners to make informed choices and optimise their position within capital markets. By elevating financial performance and instilling a sense of control, the platform empowers responsible leaders to navigate the complexities of the business landscape confidently.

What sets M2 Advisory apart is their unique approach, combining Big 4, KPMG, experience, extensive knowledge of the financial industry, and a deep understanding of working with large corporations, tier 1 banks, and insurers across multiple regions, including the Netherlands, the United States, Europe, Singapore, and Japan. Marleen’s visionary leadership and expertise position M2 Advisory as an industry leader committed to delivering innovative solutions and fostering financial excellence.

“Our primary goal at M2 Advisory is to establish ourselves as industry leaders in providing comprehensive financial solutions,” said Marleen Somohardjo, Founder of M2 Advisory. “Through our platform, we aim to empower business owners with the tools and insights needed to achieve financial freedom and long-term viability. 

Our commitment to innovation, trustworthiness, and solution-driven strategies are what sets us apart in the marketplace.”

As M2 Advisory launches its new platform, they aim to promote the importance of focusing on longevity and financial viability for entrepreneurs and businesses alike. By providing access to capital markets, harnessing the power of data, and offering a digital channel for decision-making, M2 Advisory enables business owners to stay ahead and make faster, more informed choices. With their early mover advantage and commitment to business transformation and performance improvement, M2 Advisory is well-positioned to drive the future of financial management.

To learn more about M2 Advisory and its new platform, please visit their website at www.m2advisory.nl.

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