Magic Sauce’s Richard Fletcher Turns Dating Advice Into Business Success

Business coach Richard Fletcher has found that his past experience working as a dating coach has turned out to be quite useful in his current career as a business mentor. This unconventional realisation came about when Richard thought about the work he did with his clients. Keenly focussing on a goal and strategising ways to achieve it is all about timing and confidence – the same approach can be said of business or dating! This has led to the development of his latest program designed to inspire success for his clients – called the Ecosystem.

Richard’s gift is that he can coach those who wish to bring out their most attractive traits with great success. It was only natural to conclude that bringing out your best is a great way to attract lucrative business prospects or potential romantic interests. His business Magic Sauce is ran online, where he helps clients expand their own businesses through a combination of tried and trusted marketing principals and his own innovative secret ingredients. 

Pushing through barriers with dedicated coaching inspired by his past profession has created a regular flow of clients for those who have worked with him. His strategies has helped clients reach organic success in the form of $20k month earnings – all without having to pay excessive advertising fees. Details of his latest course, inspired by confidence building and business development can be found at

When asked about the importance of confidence, Richard says clients most commonly ‘[they] cared too much what people think! Many people are confident when everyone is smiling, laughing at their jokes and giving them their full approval.’ Richard has previously detailed his own journey attaining authentic confidence, it’s clear he has a good grasp on how to develop and exude a confident business exterior that won’t crack under pressure.

This will be a welcome realisation for those who are successful and confident in one aspect of their life but not in others. Richard demonstrates that unconventional but real business prowess can be found tapping into the confidence his clients exude in the singles bar, meaning they can apply it to other situations and sprinkle their own Magic Sauce onto their lives.

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