Mark Layder, TheBizConnector Business Strategist on Forming and Building Business Through Collaborative Methods and Partnering

Mark Layder TheBizConnector Business Strategist on Forming and Building Business Through Collaborative Methods and Partnering

Business Connectors has been making business connections for more than 25 years. Delivering proven results within the industry via a collaborative, in nature, style and book, Mark Layder is providing game-changing strategies and services worldwide. In both the UK and the US there is only a 20% chance of a company lasting until its 5th year in business.

On the flip side, this means an 80% failure rate which is highly uninspiring to entrepreneurs seeking new ventures in the world of business. Alarmingly, statistics show that there is a 96% failure rate for companies making it to the 10-year mark in business. So clearly, it is no secret that achieving success and managing sustainability, as a package deal, comes with its fair share of challenges; proper connecting & relationship building being central to such challenges.

In today’s world, where additional hindrances relating to Covid-19 are present, these challenges have become even more discouraging. These palpable dilemmas are what led Mark Layder to the founding of the concept, Business Connectors

The power of connections is the primary resource to anyone looking to optimize results in their life and business. Yet, interestingly enough, very few people dedicate sufficient time for any type of substantial connecting.

Business Connectors’ mission is to accurately scale and position businesses for obtaining success quickly, yet efficiently, and to remain viable for decades to follow, utilising their skills in researching and forming useful connections. 

Business Connectors is made up of group of business experts who collaborate on projects to improve how commerce is carried out in the UK and beyond.

The shared knowledge and experience they possess spans 30 years in most every type of business situation, from publishing to setting up training centers to working with global brands, and all with the in-common goal of establishing a successful business.  Their unique business model, offers several competitive advantages over existing types of businesses including the following themes: 

  • Finally, owners are encouraged to focus on their natural skills, rather than spending much of their time in roles they do not enjoy. And then enrol others to carry out jobs they struggle with.
  • Ultimately, The BizMap system enables clients to literally ‘map out’ the path to their Ideal Business – giving them a clear focus for their endeavours.
  • The SimplePlanThatWorks also provides systematic steps with which to create that ‘ideal business’ 

These tactics have proven to be incredibly beneficial for business owners who are looking for a different approach to building a company, while avoiding high cost and risk factors.  In addition to the unique bizdev programmes, the ‘BC’ Business Connectors’ book is also meant to be a valuable resource and helps clients remove negative thoughts focused on ‘going into business is a risky endeavor’, and replaces them with beliefs that proven success formulas exist and actually work.

This book is for those who have chosen to enter the world of business and are determined to become successful in the realm of self-employment. Layder’s hope is that the book will also be an inspiration to millions of others looking to take the plunge into business ownership. BC Business Connectors book will help readers let go of “failure syndrome” and replace it with the ability to work smarter and achieve higher levels of success quicker. 

Recognizing that most companies launch their business often 6 months prematurely, Business Connector’s BizDesign Phase was created to help clients move through each stage effectively to ensure readiness at the time of company launch. 

What ultimately makes Business Connectors unique in the world of commerce, is that, unlike similar business development companies, they offer business people, and entrepreneurs, a wealth of resources and experts as part of a collaborative community utilising a seriously fun* approach. 

Additionally, they offer clients a guaranteed commitment to provide solutions and strategies, to legitimate challenges, as part of their service.  (Serious about RESULTS and carried out in a fun working environment – Why not?)

For those looking to leave behind the days of working hours on end with little to no return, Business Connectors is the perfect organisation to help bring the desired transformation. Learn to work smarter and achieve success faster!

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