Markevitch Property Acquisition Announces Purchase Of ‘King’s Glen’ In Atlanta With New HUD Section 8 Units Planned

Ro Markevitch, owner of Atlanta-based Markevitch Property Acquisition has announced the purchase of “King’s Glen” apartments. MPA partnered with JMP Holdings, NextGen Real Capital and Legacy Builders Seven to acquire “King’s Glen” apartments, located at 2129 Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. SW in Atlanta, GA. Their plan is to turn approximately 1/3 of the 36 units over to Atlanta Housing for the HUD voucher Section 8 program. According to Markevitch, “The idea is to provide much needed housing for the voucher holders who oftentimes can’t find any place to take their vouchers and so don’t have adequate housing.” She added, “Our goal is responsible improvements without over-done gentrification in Atlanta’s historic neighborhoods and to provide housing to those with the greatest need.” Markevitch will be re-branding “King’s Glen” to “The Pearl” later this year.

Markevitch has a background as an Instructional Designer for Google and other tech companies, but she has focused on housing development for 20 years as well. She explained, “I have been building or renovating single family houses on and off for many years and I’m also part of ATL Dream House (known as ‘The 2 Nice Ladies’). ATL Dream House is a company that fixes up and sells or rents single family homes. I’m very passionate about providing housing that is well-kept and affordable to those that most need it in the Atlanta area.” According to Markevitch, being a responsible developer and paying attention to the needs of the community and the families that live in each neighborhood is paramount to her personal mission to provide housing options to Atlanta families.

 About Ro Markevitch

Ro Markevitch, owner of Markevitch Property Acquisition, has a background in both multifamily and single-family real estate investing, as well as new construction development. She began building single family homes in north Georgia back in the early 2000’s and moved into multifamily investing in 2019.

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