Matthew Marin’s “Silent Screams” Reaches Top Of Amazon Best Seller Lists

Matthew Marin’s new book, “Silent Screams,” hit the #1 position on three Best Seller lists, two in the Kindle Store and one for all Amazon Books (including Kindle) on December 17, 2020. The day before, “Silent Screams” claimed Best Seller list status in two other, highly competitive categories among all Amazon books — Psychological Pathologies and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder, plus Top-25 Best Seller ranking in Mental Health (Kindle Store).

With lucid and compelling real-life stories, “Silent Screams” takes the reader through a personal journey of the harsh reality of military, para-military, and law enforcement service personnel and how they cope. The book exposes the traumatic injury inflicted as they daily face innumerable horrific scenes, life-threatening risks, and other extreme events and stresses. It is no wonder there is a suicide pandemic among veterans and first responders, a tide this book seeks to help stem.

This book was written to raise awareness of widespread PTSD and, in the author’s words, “…to help families and friends of sufferers understand what their loved ones experience as they protect our communities. It is for people who want to understand PTSD better and what to expect both mentally and physically as a result. As a police officer, I know firsthand that bringing the job home can manifest itself in various ways, in turn affecting relationships with both family and friends, and for many, destroying marriages, jobs and lives.”

Inspired by his father, also a decorated officer, Matthew Marin is recipient of prestigious life-saving awards for his 13 years exemplary service with the Houston Police force: the Hostile Engagement Award, Officer Of The Year Award, Award of Valor from the State of Texas, and also the Award of Excellence. Previously, he proudly completed four-and-a-half nine-month tours overseas with the U.S. Navy.

Through his additional commitment as East-Texas Director of the Birdwell Foundation For PTSD (, Marin seeks to help those suffering from this occupational hazard restore hope and lives. The Birdwell team also helps their loved ones better understand this “moral injury” and emotional stress, learn to cope and heal. Remarkably, of the 10,000 veterans and first responders who completed Birdwell’s program over the past 15 years, not a single suicide has been reported. Marin plays a key role in the Foundation’s unique and proven peer-to-peer mentorship system.

Matthew Marin’s Best Selling Book, “Silent Screams,” is available on Amazon in both paperback and ebook editions through this link: .

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