Meagan Fettes on the Practice of Mind and Body Alignment That Leads to Success in Business and Life

Meagan Fettes founder of RISE Entrepreneur Center and Entrepreneur

It is through the alignment of the body that I discovered the alignment of my mind, self and intelligence.” – B.K.S. Iyengar

Meagan Fettes has a very different approach to living life with ease and building true success in business.

At a young age, she learned very profound lessons from her grandmother about listening to the laws of the universe and incorporating those into everyday life. Through this, she found that she was able to live a life of contentment and felt much more centered in mind, body, and spirit. 

These teachings are what has formed the woman she is today and led her to establish RISE Entrepreneur Center, an organization that guides conscious entrepreneurs to become more aligned within their daily rituals and business acumen so that they may create more of an impact in their overall business outcome, their revenue and truly become a leading force in their own lives.

Meagan Fettes, founder of RISE Entrepreneur Center and Entrepreneur Fit, is a high-level business development coach and speaker, a best-selling author, creator of RISE Yoga School, and yoga instructor with 15 years of experience and featured thought leader in the film, How Thoughts Become Things. 

Through her knowledge and practice of yoga, she has facilitated retreats around the world that focus on healing and coaching others to identify when they are at their best self and pinpoint where they feel most focused, so that they may translate this to their career and reach the level of success that they desire most. 

Over the years of her experience, she has created systems that allow her clients to substantially grow their business, their impact, and prosperity both financially and in the deep connections that fulfill one’s purpose and passions. 

Fettes recognized that most conscious entrepreneurs often have little to no business knowledge, and because they are very service-based individuals, they often end up giving more energy than is needed, doing unnecessary busy work, ending up with results that are extremely unsatisfying, and becoming burned out which directly affects their ability to show up for their clients.  

On top of this, creating a work-life balance is nearly impossible, leading to a life of even more mediocrity and dissatisfaction. This is the primary reason why RISE Entrepreneur Center was founded. Fettes developed simple, yet highly effective, systems that allow individuals to fully connect to themselves and build a business in which they are more in-tune with and the proper steps to take, to create more of an impact, feel fulfilled and build a revenue stream that supports them in all areas of life.

Fettes’ mission is to help business owners gain clarity in their business and provide them with a roadmap to success through intentional action steps that they can take to build the business of their dreams. While guiding them to walk in alignment with the universal laws and discovering their greater self, 

Fettes is able to provide so much more than achievement in business. She also offers tools to create a peace-filled life for her clients, which in today’s challenging world is invaluable.

While many business coaches and mentors currently exist, the Rise Entrepreneur Center’s distinct advantage over others, who tend to focus on either business growth or spiritual growth, is that Fettes combines the two together to bring the ultimate level of clarity, alignment, and momentum for conscious entrepreneurs to experience bliss, and success, in all areas of their lives. 

Having been an entrepreneur herself, Fettes also can relate to the exact challenges that conscious entrepreneurs are moving through and are able to present proven strategies that will allow them to defeat intimidating barriers.

As we continue on in a world where we’re presented with new and unknown obstacles, and with no definitive end date for the chaotic new normal we’re experiencing, anxiety and fear are more prevalent than ever. RISE Entrepreneur Center is the refreshing change that is needed for achieving success in business. As many are feeling that they no longer are the master of their own lives, 

Fettes’s decade of experience in the 12 Universal Laws and the effective success strategies in business, provides that something different to help others adjust their mindset as the key element to tie all business practices together. 

Bridging the space between logical and spiritual aspects of business, she is able to support clients and guide them on their journey as they step into their highest potential, allowing them to create a more purposeful business and life.

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