Michael Heppell, International Motivational Speaker, Best Selling Author has a Smash Hit Already with his Pre Released Latest Book “17 The Little Way to Get a Lot Done”.

Michael Heppell, the author of “How to be Brilliant”; “Five Star Service: How to deliver exceptional customer service”; and The Edge: How the Best Get Better”, among other titles had a runaway start to the launch of the new book.

Heppell said: “What a fantastic launch, we decided to run a numbered first edition 1 to 999 and the reaction was amazing. The title came from the programme I designed based around 17 minute sprints. A technique I have used myself to get work done effectively.

The programme ran for 17 days with daily short workshops usually around 17 minutes long sometimes a little longer and had tasks where applicable. Participants soon found that using the sprint and other techniques taught they became more productive, more supportive of one another, re-energised and motivated. Just the thing for busy people!”

Heppell’s 17 minute sprint involves focusing on a subject for 17 minutes then stepping back for a little while and after a break you begin another 17 minute sprint on the same subject, and so on, and so on. The result is much better focus and greater productivity.”

Jeffrey Gitomer, well known Best Selling Author and Sales Training Guru was impressed with Michael’s project so he highlighted it and recommended it to followers for its value.

Michael went on to say. “I am so excited at this launch and the reaction I have had from those who took part in this personal development programme. The interaction and collaboration generated in the group was amazing, not only that, the group quickly began to provide support for those who had problems in achieving their objectives, which lifted everyone to new heights.

We knew the project would be really good, but were blown away by how participants upped their game while at the same time helping and supporting those who needed it. All you had to do was ask, and help came flooding in. It was Brilliant!”

The Limited Edition book will be distributed in September and will then go on general release through all channels. For more information on the book contact vanessa (at) michaelheppell (dot) com.

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