Mike and Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini, Authors of Opposite/Opposites, Offer Free Copy of Highly Anticipated Book for Limited Time

Mike and Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini, life coaches, have spent many years working with those who want to expand both their personal and financial achievements. As founders of Lush Enterprises LLC, they have helped many achieve their goals through targeted action and changing their thought processes. Now, the authors of Opposite/Opposites: How To Stay Together When You Are So Different are helping many more people conquer the obstacles that stand between them and happiness.

Opposite/Opposites:  How to Stay Together When You Are so Different is a candid look at why couples become frustrated with each other and how that frustration translates itself into failure, not only in personal but also in other areas of life. Opposite/Opposites offers clear insights into how successful couples handle this frustration and enjoy rewarding relationships, despite their differences. Using their own experiences, the authors examine the root causes of conflict in relationships and how good communication can overcome these problems. No matter how different two people are, the authors believe that they can love each other and learn to honor these differences. 

According to the authors, “If you are in a relationship with someone from a different background, culture, religion, ethnic group, or anything else—well, everyone is! Our book will give you the knowledge to help your relationship grow together and let you move safely through difficult and trying times.”

For a limited time, visitors to the authors’ website, located at http://www.oppositeoppositesbook.com, can get a free copy of Opposite/Opposites, a $39.95 value.  For more information, visit the website.

About Mike and Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini:  Mike and Sun Yong Kim-Manzolini have spent their careers focusing on helping others through life coaching and option trading advice.  Their insights have helped many people find happiness in their relationships and increase their personal wealth.

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